Proper Saluting Etiquette for funerals with Military Honors

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    I recently attended a funeral with Military Honors and was deeply saddened by the lack of knowledge shown by all of the guests. All of the guests, young and old alike, followed the lead of the Military members in uniform when saluting, and rendered a Hand salute. I have always been taught that when saluting, if done incorrectly, it is a sign of disrespect.

    The following is a simple guideline to use.

    In uniform being Military, or Scout.

    If you are attending a Military Funeral in Uniform, there are certain courtesies that must be adhered to. You will render a hand salute if you are in uniform and covered (wearing your hat) during the following situations:

    The casket is being moved

    While the casket is being lowered into the grave

    During the firing of the volley (usually seven members firing simultaneously three times)

    "TAPS" is being sounded (this is usually one bugler)

    If you are attending the funeral in CIVILLIAN ATTIRE , you will come to the position of attention and remove your headdress if appropriate and place it over your heart. If no headdress is worn, you will place your right hand over your heart.

    Military members who are "Active Pallbearers" (assigned to carry the casket) will remain covered and do not salute during the ceremony.
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    Tony good post,
    maybe you should have also included;
    "proper respect to be shown when national anthem is being played/sang."
    Seen this so many times it makes me wrech!
    At a sporting event and the national athem is going out over the speakers and you'll have a bunch of dam fools,talking and joking, wearing their hats and just generally making a fool of themselves.

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    Good post Tony, just wanted to add, if in a military uniform, one should also salute when walking under/passing by the US Flag (usualy draped over military caskets).
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    I know this is an old post, but a new law allows retired military to cover their heart or render a salute in civilian attire. Nice to have that option now.