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    Bedford, Kentucky
    I got a new prop for my 15 HP. It isn't running the rpms at top end like the old one did. I noticed the old one(factory Prop) was a bit lighter made and it had a sharp edge. The new one is heavier and has a flat edge that is about 1/8 inch thick. I was wondering if I could feather it a bit with a flat file on the leading edge and if this would help my rpms. I know that racing engines often times have a feathered crank so they can have more power and rpms. Vern
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    Vern lots of un answered questions!!!! Take your old prop back to your dealer and see what pitch and diameter it is.Sounds like you now have a different pitch which may have dropped your rpm.DON't do anything to the new one until you check this out.Most props have the pitch and diameter engraved somewhere on the hub.:smile2: