Prop or Outboard Jet?

Discussion in 'Boating' started by MuddyWisker, Apr 16, 2009.

  1. MuddyWisker

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    Need some opinions. I ruined the lower unit on my new 25 horse engine last summer. Took all summer to do it but the gravel and random rock finally took there toll on it. Thinking of a new boat that would be a better fit. SeaArk 1660 with either a jet tunnel or prop tunnel. Looking for advice from guys that know because they've been there done that. Thanks.
  2. Seth

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    Owensville, MO
    If you run in any kind of super shallow rivers, I'd say jet all the way. I run a jet and it stinks when I'm fishing a big lake and don't have the extra get up and go of a prop, but I fish a lot of shallow rivers that you can't use a prop on so the jet is the way I went.

    It's a lot of fun to take newbies over 3" of water and watch them grab on for dear life as they look over the side of the boat.

  3. Mike81

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    As said, if you fish more lakes than shallow rivers stick with a prop. If your mostly running in shallow rivers the jet is what you need. You'll also use more fuel with a jet.
  4. Katmandeux

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    Well, you've already trashed one lower unit, and God only knows how many props, so this is a no brainer.:wink:

    A tunnel with a prop isn't a magic bullet. It's like the 4wd that takes you farther into the mudhole before you get stuck. Yeah, you'll draw 2 or 3 inches less, but you'll still whack it.

    A jet is the mother of all compromises, though. It will be a love/hate deal all the way.

    But, yeah, jet. Make it a big'un.

    BIG GEORGE New Member

    I've fished from a large jet drive boat on a very large river. The potomac to be exact. Gives ya a big advantage gettin in the shallow areas to get to deeper water on the other side. :wink: It went plenty fast enough. :wink:
  6. Hoopie

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    I would say JET all the way! You already tore up on lower unit in a year, if you do that every year that could be expensive.
  7. riverbud55

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    Dale Miller
    yep got to go with the jet in a shallow river, the small rocks and gravel could be a bit of a problem if ya start to suck them up but not a big problem all ya got to do is dig them out, I would defiantly go with the jet tunnel. One thing is ya mite think about is to get the jet outboard installed on a manual jack plate at he factory/dealer and get the geared lower unit that comes with the engine from the factory to swap with jet to run the lakes and deeper rivers not that hard to switch from one to the other, could probaly do it in half hour once ya get it down. would probably also get a better deal a geared outboard and get the pump for another $1600.+or-, ya can find what a jet pump is worth on The Jet Doctor's web site for the engine your thinking about getting

    one other thing to think about, would a jet work with your boat and engine you have now ?:wink: I have posted a few links on this thread that will help you out to answer that