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    Fishing in general has been popular since who knows when.... maybe the caveman days, when it was a way of survival. Fast forward.... Catfishing seems to be enjoyed by a lot of people young and old. There is new people getting into fishing... or more specifically catfishing everyday. A lot of people who get into it might not have the first inkling of where to start. Maybe a couple trips out and they don't really get a chance to fully enjoy what a lot of us do. Getting discouraged might come quickly. Giving up before they really have a chance to appreciate it.

    Have you ever ran into somebody that was eagar to get into the sport, but just needed somebody to show them a couple things about what this sport can be like? Taking the time to introduce somebody to the sport has always been a lot of fun for me. The rewards of seeing somebody get a big ole smile on their face when they get the chance to hook up with something they might not otherwise have done is hard to beat. Showing someone how you do things whether it is something simple at getting bait, tying a knot, tackle selection, when to set the hook, all these things fit into the big pictures of promoting the sport alot of us have come to appreciate.

    Maybe seeing the family down the street when a single parent is doing all she/he can just to survive raising a child might be the thing that helps to mold that child and keep them off the streets of bad temptations.

    Helping the wounded warriors that are coming back from the wars overseas to adapt back into society. Supporting these soldiers by maybe showing them that the simple things in life such as fishing can give them something to look forward to when they get healed up, no matter what their disability might be.

    Getting involved in the boys and girls clubs, inter-city youth programs is also a great way of promoting the sport. Kids of today don't have a lot of the choices some of us did when we are growing up, but some of the choices today for the kids also are not in their best interest. A couple years ago Pennsylvania Fish And Game came out with some statistics showing that the numbers of youth that get involved in hunting and fishing in Pa has been steadily dropping over the years. I think this is a concern that alot of other state are dealing with also. This is something alot of us can do something about. Taking the time and a couple days out of our lives to introduce somebody new to the outdoors, fishing the waters, nature at it's purist form is where a lot of us can make a difference..

    When is the last time somebody walked up to somebody along the bank or boat ramp and kicked up a conversation about how they was doing, only to find the person(s) might be having a tough time and struggling. Shoot, thats how I met my wife 23 yrs ago.... i've been paying for it ever since !!!!!:smile2::smile2:

    By getting others involved in the great past time alot of us have enjoyed all of our lives has so many positive things ... IE: friendships, fishing buddies, maybe even keeping a kid out of the court system. It all comes down to sharing with others what fishing can do and how it can be enjoyed. I can't speak for others, but it is a darn good feeling when you can turn somebody onto fishing... catfishing or otherwise. those smiles and friendships, sure are priceless. Kind of like "Paying it forward".
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    Mike very well said, thanks for taking the time to write this thread.If just one person will heed your words it will help everyone,In my opinion i think a lot of the BOC members already believe in what u said, but if u can get a few more to thinking that way great,:cool2:


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    Great post Mike, Reps to you. We have to remember that we always
    set an example. Some good, some bad. Someone is always watching
    what ever we do.
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    Great post Mike!!
    Most kids I know anywhere from 6 to 18 all they ever want to do is play video games or set around the house. If they do decide to go with you usually within a half hour their done but I keep trying!
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    Great post, Mike.


    Beautiful post Mike!Caring and sharing are what makes the fishin world go round,I try to do both whenever I can.
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    Not only is he a sayer he is a doer, took me and the kids out and we had a blast.
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    You hit the nail on the head...... great post