Project Time: Best Fish Smokers???

Discussion in 'Carolina Catfish Club' started by Buano, Dec 4, 2008.

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    Project time:

    I'm looking to buy a fish smoker, preferably a propane unit, and am looking for recommendations for units to look at — and units to avoid. I don't plan on smoking other things, so this need not be a compromise unit so I can smoke turkeys, ribs or hams. I want the best unit for SMOKING FISH.

    As an alternative, I may be building my own smoker as I am having difficulty finding one I really like for a reasonable price — and because I would prefer a unit that folds up so I can haul it on fishing trips. I have aluminum diamond tread-plate that should work well for a shell. Most portable units I see for sale are only about 16" wide, which means larger fish have to be chopped up prior to smoking. What size/shape works best for fish?

    What's the collective wisdom regarding smokers? Which are better for fish & why?

  2. Mac-b

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    Ron, I have an electric smoker and the reason I bought it was that I can control the heat better.

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    i had one that used charcoal it was a pain to use bought a electric one from gander mt lur johnson holds 50 lbs front load and i use it alot and love it the propane ones i looked at were alot bigger and you cannot smoke around the house or garage i tried my garage smells like a smoke house which anit to bad hope this helps bob
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    Thats the same theory as trash can turkey ozz.
    I bought an electric for my deer sausages. Real easy to control temp. on. I have a propane but it needs a new burner. It controls the temp real well also.
    Have 2 reg. charcols. Never can have to many smokers!! LOL