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Discussion in 'Boat Tips' started by lonegunman88240, Feb 13, 2006.

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    i got my 15 hp outboard back from the shop, the mechanic said it is in great shape considering its age. starts up first pull everytime so far, got all rivets on my alumacraft tightened and boat painted to help prevent seepage, the base coat is od green so i may go ahead and camo it, and since the paint on the outboard isnt anywhere near perfect i may camo it too? i need ideas rigging up a transom saver, my back isnt up to carrying that motor around and mounting and unmounting it, any ideas tips or tricks welcomed
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    Patrick, Wally world has a couple of different styles of transom savers, should be some thing there you can use. Myself, I'd just go take a look at them, then make your own, they're not a really complicated thing to make.
    As for your motor, if the existing paint job does't suit you, I'd paint it the same as the boat. There's a couple of boats in this area painted like that to include the motor.

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    should be able to buy a transom saver at most any place that sells marine supplys ive sen them go for as low as 15 bucks id just buy one and be done with it at that cheap of price. there is a transom saver i really like at cabelas has a prop lock on it too for around 25 30 bucks.