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Problems with split shot mold

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I am having some problems with my split shot mold. Well, just one. The lead won't flow through it fast enough, I guess. The weights come out not complete. The mold is hot, I run lead through it multiple times. Each time more than half come out bad, I put them all back in the pot.

I just lift the lever, and fill one whole side at a time. I tried doing one weight at a time, but it would fill up and overflow to the next weight anyways.

From reading around the forum, I don't see to much talk about the split shot mold, so I dunno if it is real popular, or just not popular with catfishermen.
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I don't do split shots myself but with any mold, it's gotta be hot. Even though you made a few pours, its prolly still not hot enough believe it or not. Good hot lead, with hot enough molds, will pour easy and the weights will come out smooth, no wrinkles.

I keep my mold on a oven burner a lot. Some folks add some kind of wax or something too,,,maybe someone will chime in on that. I've learned that hot lead, a hot mold, and swift pouring does the job. Any pause in between pours will cool stuff off fast. I've poured them so hot that my handles are about smoking, LOL.

Try it out and let us know..we'll help ya figure it out.
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