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    I have a 2 acre pond that's no deeper than 6 ft deep. I have all kinds of fish. Flathead,channel,and blue catfish, bullhead, carp, crappie, Shad, minnows,bluegill,sunfish, crawdad, largemouth bass. There's not that much crappie and grass carp. There's tons of 7+ inch Shad I know that bc our lake flooded and I caught over 50+. The lake used to be a paylake 50+ years ago and I hasn't had an aerated for 12 years. You can't walk all the away around it's cover in fish habitat it looks like Giant paylake that's never been cut there's also to much timber strutcure and Shade pockets to count. The biggest blue is 37 that we put in. But the biggest one I have caught was like 30. The res only one flathead and he was put in 2 years ago at 16. And I can't catch him I've used every thing. The 30 pound blue has been in about 2 years now. The bass in our lake have been caught out at about 7.5 pounds......... But my question is how big will the cats get and how can I catch the flatty. There's not that much of every fish besides Shad bass catfish bluegill. Heeeellllllpppp

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