Problem with Penn No. 9

Discussion in 'Reel Repair and Upgrades' started by winston61, Sep 20, 2007.

  1. winston61

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    Hello to all. I got a Penn 9 level wind and took it apart to clean and lube and replace the drag washers. I got it all back together in what I thought was the right way. However, I get resistance in the crank handle and I seem to have very little travel in the drag adjustment. When I tighten the drag down, the handle turns very freely. Can anyone offer any ideas? I hate to take it apart again because it takes 3 hands to reassemble. I used Smooth Drag washers and made sure that I put them in the stack just like the schematic says.
  2. canebreaker

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    Working on it Winston, be back in a few days with it.

  3. peewee williams

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    Having no experience with smoothies,I would be a last resort.I just got a HT-100 drag in a old Long Beach 68.I had to figure and come up with spacers to get the same takeout and use the same drag spacer to keep from running out of threads.I took me 3 long days to get it together because of the dog and dog spring.When you can't feel & can't make tour hands do what you want it is slow.I wrap a red thread in the spring and assemble it in a 2 gal.Zip Lock to keep from loosing the spring over & over.I would back off my 4 bridge screws 1/2 turn with the clutch lever off and re tighten them before I disassembled it in case your bridge is hung a little cocked and might drop in.Did you check all of this out before you assembled the spool and left side plate?I was bad about forgetting the washer under the gear.I wish you luck.Please let us know so that we can learn too.I love you Brothers and Sisters.Peewee