Problem with 1993 40 horse force motor

Discussion in 'Bubba's Outboards' started by fishinjunky, Apr 22, 2007.

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    this motor was not run for i believe two years and run very little before that. i just bought it and got it running fine, or so i thought until we took it out to the lake. we got it out and started it, it idled very rough and every time you would put it in gear it would get worst or die. but if you slowly increased throttle and backed off before it died you could coax it into higher rpm, which i might add it runs great in high rpm.

    my question is what is causing the rough idle, and why is it dying? we played around with the air to fuel screw and seemed like it ran a little better with less air, but still ran rough. also pulled the sparks and fuel filter out and both looked good. looked in an old merc shop manual and sounded like either crap in the main jet or something to do with some needle deal in the carb, also possibly something with the fuel float.
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    Thanks Bubba. I know it's not a Force carb, but the basics are there.

    This is the time of yr for the most common of problems. Those that are fuel rerlated.