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Discussion in 'Bubba's Outboards' started by tbull, Oct 5, 2008.

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    Hey guys, wanted to post this thread to let everyone know what was going on, maybe my problem could help solve some others in the future. My boat had been cutting out at WOT, idleing like crap, and was hard to start. I found the problem to be a 4$ fix that I overlooked months ago thinking it was too simple to be the problem. Basically my fuel pump had 2 things wrong with it, one being the filter cap, its the single piece that attaches to the fuel pump that has 1 screw, the filter screen. and the inlet tube that the fuel line attaches to from the quick connect. Basically the center circular peice of that had 3 small cracks, also the fuel pump was missing a gasket. I knew nothing like I know now about outboards when I got this motor, and I didnt realize that whomever rebuilt that fuel pump before me, left out a gasket, as did I since I put it back together just like I found it. The fuel pump was sucking air the entire time. Yesterday the boat ran like a scolded dog all day, idled great, and fired right up every time. I didnt even have the oil/gas mixture running down the leg at the end of the day, everything was as clean as a whistle. Lesson learned is a simple one, I was literally a bad day away from throwing 400$ in ignition parts at the thing, don't always assume that it is a major problem. If something small doesn't look right, it can give these outboards fits and give us all stomach't always assume like I did that it is a major problem. Go through the basic steps, check the spark, compression, etc, and chances are you will end up like me hopefully, and find that little problem...atleast quicker than I did hopefully. Thanks for everyones help with this thing, looks like I am back in the saddle again! Moral of the story, don't ASSUME anything because....well we all know what happens when we assume.:big_smile::wink:
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    glad to hear it was so simple ....... i've been thru those nerve racking problems before and it sure feels good to finally resolve the problem ... especially for four bucks lol ..... write down the problems u were having and the fix in ur owner's manual .................never can tell when u can help someone else .....................

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    Thanks for the tip.Wish mine would of been so cheap to fix.. At least your back on the water at the right time.
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    Look on the good side of things. You might just help someone else out that is having similiar problems.