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    does any body have a pro fisherman? for bass fishing i would have to go with kevain van dam. now for catfishing i would have to go with bill dance.:big_smile:
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    South Saint Paul, MN

    Well I have been honored to meet some pro fisherman. Ted Takisaki walleye pro, Gary Roach walleye pro, Bob Masacomer muskie pro, and Ted Ruz muskie pro. I would have to say that Ted Takisaki is my favorite because he is an all around great guy and he is an amazing walleye and muskie fisherman, he holds a pro walleye tournament record for the largest five fish limit of over 50lbs, now thoughs are some nice walleyes. I actually have fished with Ted Ruz which you probably have never heard of before, he lives in Minnesota where I live. I actually am an avide muskie tournament fisherman and someday hope to go pro, when I was 17 I held a record here in MN for the largest muskie ever caught by a junior in a tournament, it was just over 47 inches and weighed over 35 lbs. Since then I have caught oh I would say over 50 muskies that were bigger than that and I am only 21 now.

    Well Take Care Everyone!
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