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Discussion in 'Boating' started by catfishsafari, Jan 29, 2008.

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    I'm starting this thread because I have had a lot of questions about storage in the new Pro-Cat 240

    Standard on the Pro-Cat : you have a front anchor box in the nose of the boat. You also have a lot of room under the consoles right and left. In the back near the transom there is a lot of storage on all the way across the back.

    Options : Any storage boxes for the Big Daddy will fit the Pro-Cat For example; there is a front step storage box that fits against the front deck. There is also a huge storage box that fits against the rear deck. All total that's 5 storage boxes you can get right now.

    New: They are talking about making storage boxes that will fit in front of the consoles right and left. They will be kind of like bow rider seats.

    All of that added up is much more storage than Lund has to offer ( the boat every body seems to be comparing too ).

    The big advantage is " YOU " decide how much storage you want not Lund or who ever. Also you can order storage boxes years later if you want.

    Front drop deck: The reason the drop deck is there is to have a place to put supplies like ice chest, 5 gallon buckets ect. if you don't have that you end up with " stuff " in the back of the boat ( around your feet and in the way ). For example where do you put a bait tank?. This boat has a spot for it and is pre-wired for it.

    Rod Storage: At this time there will be a spot to put bungee or gun rack style rod holders. Rod boxes may come later.

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    I would think that a 6-7 foot rod box would fit along the side if you opted for no rear seats. I have the 8 foot box and it comes just to the back of the copilot chair.

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    sounds like plenty awsome boat !!!!!!
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    How big is the drop in Livewell going to be? I know the rear livewell is 48", it seems like a 51" one would have been just a tad better. It seems like a lot of fish over 50# are around the 51" mark. What kind of trolling motors are going to be offered? Thanks for all the info and work you have done on this good looking boat.