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Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by CatfishHateMe, Nov 4, 2006.

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    this was from awhile back but im thinkin back on it now and startin to relize how funny it was. well where i hunt at theres alot of corn/bean fields. and the land owner said hed go ahead and take me back to my new stand since hed moved it around and i might get turned around just from directions. this was the first evening in the woods for the 1st indiana youth hunt weekend. well we get to the stand and jim(the land owner) and my dad were both standin behind be, i proceed to climb up my ladder stand with the camo tarp tight over my body, when i look up while under this tarp i cant see anything above me. i get to the top of the stand and im about 1 foot between my face and a big ole male coons face that was gettin out of the wind and sleepin on the cussion in there. it scared the crap outta me and i dont think i even hit a step goin down from that stand. i guess the look on my face was classic cuz my dad and his buddy were diein on the ground from laughter(i didnt think it was that funny since my stand was now a new home for a ole coon) and i had to get me a stick to go up and poke him with 6 ot 7 times to get him out. he ran straight up the tree and stayed there all evening. i think i had my eyes up in the tree more than on the ground watchin for deer. i ended up gettin a doe after 3 hours of looking straight up in the air to make sure the ole boy didnt come back down to visit. well, now im pretty much pumped for the 06 firearms to come in in 2 weeks and ill be more than happy to hear anyone elses funny huntin stories. thanks for readin
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    Thanks for making me smile!:big_smile:

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    I'm sure that is much funnier to you now than it was then, and will get even funnier with more time.
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    And that is what is called "experience".You are now officially as smart as a coon.May you have many more such experiences.peewee-williams
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    LoL Tks for the laugh.