Pressure Treated or OSB for a Casting Deck

Discussion in 'Boat Repair Help' started by Wally, Jun 6, 2006.

  1. Wally

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    OK fellas....Pressure Treated Plywood or OSB for a Casting Deck on MY "CAT TRACKER" boat???? This will be 3/4".

    The old stuff rotted away (only took 19 years). Looking for 5 years of life for this project. It will be covered with Indoor/ Outdoor marine backed carpet.

    All sugestions welcome!!!!
  2. copycat

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    New Jersey
    Pressure treat will work, just keep in mind about adding any weight and how much. If you are replacing existing material then you should be fine and pressure treat will not attract woodboring insects and will hold up very well to the moisture.

  3. Dragger

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    I agree with Tom, Pressure treated will work fine, when it dries out it will lighten up some. If you can,let it dry-out some before adding your carpet.......Steve
  4. Pressure treat is the way to go. Take it from a carpenter that has done both residential as well as boat docks/piers and boathouses. The only OSB that I can think of that will get you the five years of service that youy are looking for would be one of the newer top of the line floor T&G decking type OSBs. If memory serves GP's product is called Top Notch and comes with a pretty substantial warranty (residential only).
    Now if you had some teak on the otherhand...
  5. mobowhtr

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    I used advantech subfloor when I built my house, and left a half sheet out back to see how it would hold up. After almost 6 yrs a buddy ask if he could have it to patch his subfloor in his bath, as it was still just fine. That said I would still use treated on a boat. However be very carefull with ACQ treated lumber, it is very corrosive. You will need ACQ rated fasteners and flashing between it and any metal on your boat. I know of at least one case where fresh ACQ treated lumber severly pitted an aluminum truck bed in less than 5 hours
  6. I've used advantech as well. I do not know what glues that are used in gluing up these "wafer board" sheets for subfloors but it is some good stuff. Some of seems to be impregnated with some sort of parrafin as well. This stuff would more than likely give quite a few years of use but I still think pressure treat would serve better.
    mobowhtr is right about this new ACQ. It is copper based as compared to the older arsenic sulate based stuff. Your fasteners need to be rated for this stuff as the copper will react and corrode the fasteners as well as posing a problem for metal hulled boats. Make sure to look into proper installion to prevent this. I think your going to need to spring for the stainless stuff on this one.
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    I used exterior plywood from ahome center for my boat rebuild 6 years ago still in good shape. I coated both sides with clear polyureathane to water proof. carpet glue held good after curing.but i do store my boat in a tent covered area in yard to allow moisture to dryout. when i used the boat cover the moisture ran down the inside of cover where it touched the boat and caused the original marine plywood to rot. use stainless steel or brass hardware and screws . good luck
  8. jim

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    Wally,I don't know how big the deck is going to be but one excellent product is "Starboard" which isn't wood at all.It is very similiar to fiberglass only stronger.I used a piece on my boat to re-inforce the battery compartment and it is superb.Cuts and shapes like wood ,never deteriorates,resistant to everything ie gas ,oil etc and as usual for the good stuff is expensive.Comes in different sizes and thickness.Cabelas has it as well as West Marine.:smile2:
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    I'm a carpentry by trade water is woods enemy sooner or
    later its going to break down what ever protection you put
    on it build a small roof over it shingle or whatever you want
    just something to cover the boat make to where the boat just fits
    remember to have something to cover down the sides