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    Neocats, in conjunction with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, is starting a lake cleanup project. We will pick one lake this year to do a through clean-up. This year, we have chosen Spencer Lake, in Medina County. We are asking volunteers to donate their time and abilities to help us with this cleanup. Anyone who fishes this lake knows that there is a lot of trash left on the bank. Mostly because the state will not provide trash cans, and some people can be downright inconsiderate. But we want to give back to the areas we use and the least we can do is pick-up trash.
    The date has not been set yet, but we expect sometime in early April. It will be on a Saturday or Sunday during the midday hours. It should only take about 2 hours depending on how many people want to help out. Scuba divers are also welcome as there are stories of sunken boats and unclaimed treasures.