Preseason almost over!

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    With the preseason almost over, the teams are making their final cuts and everyone is getting ready to start the regular season!:smile2: Eighty two games ahead for every team and who do you all think is going to get to the NBA Finals this season? The Heat are still strong and the Mavs look good to me, even though I'm a Pacer fan.:embarassed: Bring on the picks!:big_smile:
  2. MRR

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    I Know there is a lot of BB fans out there ,I'm just not one of them. Never could stand BB. However if I had to pick I guess I'd have to go with the LAKERS.

  3. bluehunter

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    Los Angele
    The heat stands a good chance out of the east again. Also the bulls will be stronger with Ben Wallace. I will say its between the Heat, Bulls, and cavaliers in teh east.

    In the west the Spurs will be at it again, also I look for the clippers to still be strong, lakers with be contenders, and also the suns to be around as well. The Mavs will be present too. The west has the toughter division again.