Preppin for a catfishing trip

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    Don't know about everyone else but there is quite a bit that goes into preppin for a trip on the water.

    1st.. Gotta look at the tide charts. I wanna be in certain places at certain points in the tide.

    2nd... Bait. Get what I want out of the freezer the afternoon before we are goin. That way its ready to rock when ya hit the water.

    3rd.. Make sure your batteries are up to snuff. I hate drama. LOL!

    4th.. Make sure my gear is ready. That means no nics in the line,knots are good and the hook is so sharp it will cut ya if ya look at it too long. LOL!

    5th.. Food is ready the day before. Drinks are in the cooler and the camera is charged up and ready.

    Seeins how I have issues and they are many this may seem like a bit of overkill. LOL! All I know is that when I hit the water its on. I have put a float plan together as to where I'm gonna be and at what time. The other thing is if I tell ya to be at my house at 5:00 am, that means 5am. Not 5:15. I'm leavin with out ya. LOL! Hit the WAWA for 4 bags of ice 3 for the food and one for the bait. If you have any ideas as to where ya may wanna go I'll take ya there and waste time. LOL! I take folks out on my boat to put them on fish. So "SHUT UP" and fish. LOL! Dam I enjoy the hell oughta what I do. LOL!
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    Way to go George! Stick to the guns! Catch them bad boys an post up some pics.

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    I'm with you George, nothing upsets me more than to have someone come up with last minute changes to plans. If you "don't care" up front, then don't care now. Sit back and enjoy the ride:eek:oooh::smile2: Stay safe and keep putting 'em on the fish!!!:wink:
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    I do the same stuff, just maybe not in that order. Only difference is I check release schedules instead of tide charts. Sometimes I'll catch some fresh bait the day before a trip or on the water right before a trip, but I'll usually take some frozen anyway, just in case :wink::big_smile:.
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    boy, I try to keep to my usual routine, but it never fails, seems there is always something that throws a kink into the plans. I enjoy taking people out and all, but seems the more you try to rally the troops, the harder it gets sometimes.
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    Get the boat hooked up to the truck, make sure everything is loaded, get the cooler ready and set the alarm clock. That way hopefully I can get on the water just as soon as its light out, not a few hours after like many of the people who "think" they wanna go fishing with me. I go out and catch all the fish while theyre sleeping and then a few hours later when I head back to the dock to pick them up. They wonder why they never catch any fish

    I CANNOT stand slow people in the morning and those who think we're just going out for a nice little boat ride. If I say we are going fishing I mean it! lol
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    I don't do much preparation unless I have been planning a trip for a while. I just look at the clock and ask myself if there is any possible way for me to make it out fishing and still get the minimum amount of sleep before work. If it is close I just sleep less than minimum and go anyway. I catch bait fresh every time I go but I take a bag of frozen shad just in case. All my gear is in the boat so I just go and repair anything I need on the road.
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    I just go and catch fish.:wink:
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    I like to have all my ducks in a row before I go shooting them. All the plans are made the day before, the stuff is loaded, everything is prepared in advance. I don't want to waste time on the water tying rigs and snelling hooks, all that is done in advance. If I get a snag, that's ok, I have many more rigs ready to go.

    What I don't like is making plans with someone and they mess around not getting there on time, and then need to do something like go buy bait, or a license, or food, or whatever, they are not prepared to go out and hit the water at the time we agreed on. I have one friend in particular who is this way, we never make it out until at least an hour after I planned to start fishing. I'll show up to his place to pick him up and he hasn't fed his kids yet or something, every time.
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    Not over kill at al George, I try to have everything ready the day befopre a trip also, I hate to rush around at the last minute, to much stress.
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    Don't you love it when a plan comes together. Even when you are getting older and cantankerous. I agree with you.:smile2: