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(1) Live bait: if you are drifting hook the fish from the lower part of the mouth out thru the head or you can hook it thru the eyes. If you hook thru the eyes the hook will sometime turn into the bait and you will not have a hook exposed. If you are anchorded down, hook the bait back of the dorsal fin to allow it to swim around or you can do the mouth/eye setup.

(2)Cut bait drifting:eek:ne small bait can give you three pieces of bait. First filet off the sides and then cut the head off. Put one filet on each hook and this presentation when drifting gives a wavy action to your bait and plenty of scent. Bass fishermen use something like a pork rind strip to accomplish the same thing. The head of a small bait fish gives off a lot of scent and to me is the best bait for blues and sometimes flatheads. If the bait is large you can get more pieces (bait) out of it. On a small bait fish you might try leaving the carass with the head on and trolling it. Also, some people will take a shad or other bait fish and filet one side from the tail to the head (do not cut filet off) and then run the hook thru the eyes of the bait fish and then take the filet side and attach it to the hook. This give off a lot of scent and a different action to your bait.

(3)Cut bait when anchorded:A lot of people just use chunks of the bait fish. The size of cats that you are fishing should determine the size of your chunks. You can take a bait fish filet and double hook it will the meat part out. You can also use the bait fish head. You can doctor your bait fish chunks by marinating it in shad oil or other fish oils, plus some fishermen use garlic, WD 40 or other natural oils, etc.

What are the best bait fish for you to use? The answer is simple and not so simple. The first answer would be what is native to you locale. But, on LKN in the winter time we sometimes fish with rainbow trout and they can produce a trophy fish in a heart beat. Same for gold fish, ells, black salties, etc. Best bet is to have two or three baits ready for your trip. We should not forget about the night crawler, shrimp, stink baits, liver, gizzards, etc. all of which have caught some mighty fine cats but, if you are going to catch real nice cats I would advise you to stick with the native/natural baits.

I am sure other Club members and/or BOC members might have other options/suggestions and they are welcome to express them to aid in this educational process. Mac
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