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Discussion in 'Catfishing Baits' started by Wade16, May 29, 2009.

  1. Wade16

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    I picked this stuff up last summer and it was still just as good the last time I used it.

    It was Magic Dough Balls and the flavor was Chicken Liver and Chicken Blood. This is the only store bought junk I will ever use, everything else has sucked horribly.

    I have never caught anything over 7 or 8 pounds, but it does produce quite well, especially in lakes and ponds with channel cats.

    Bullheads like it too, and any of our flathead fans will know bulls = flats.

    But if you have kids or someone who just wants to fish (such as my girlfriend loves to fish for cats, but is kind of scared of catching anything too big) or your looking to get some cats to eat this is the stuff.

    Now me personally, I like taking big creek chubs and bluegill and throwing them out there, but I usually have one pole out there with this stuff on it.

    But if you're taking kids who are eager to see their first catfish, buy this stuff and throw it on a treble and let them catch a decent fish they'll be proud and excited about, I've caught way more catfish with this stuff than nightcrawlers, shrimp or anything else.

    I've also took hotdogs and let them soak in grape kool-aid for several days, cut them in to inch long chunks, these are great for channel cats in creeks and rivers, again, I've never caught any big ones, but its great for productivity while you're waiting for a nice blue or flathead.

    I hate chicken liver in general, throw that crap away (even though that dough bait is chicken liver flavor), I've never caught anything on chicken liver, but beef liver for some reason has been very productive, especially in pay lakes. I have caught several nice 20+ pound fish on beef liver, and I've missed several nice runs on the stuff too.

    The only thing about all three of these productive baits is the fricking turtles, they love this stuff too and it's very depressing to me to get all hyped up and then real in a dumb ol soft shell.

    And that Magic dough stuff may seem a bit expensive for one bag (I'm cheap so 2.39 is a bit much to buy some smelly junk) but I was able to use it from last July til now, and caught several nice channels.

    My two cents on the matter.

    - Wade
  2. brinley45cal

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    i find the crawdad flavor works even better then the chicken blood and liver flavor.

  3. Wade16

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    Yea I defiantly think it depends on location, after the success with the chicken blood I tried their crawdad and shad flavors, shad didn't catch anything anywhere.

    The only place I even got the first bite on the crawdad flavor was way down in Willisburg Kentucky, I caught some bullheads on it, of course I only used it at two or three little ponds and that lake in Willisburg, I might pick some up and give it another shot.

    Now that I finally got a decent job in this crappy economy I can afford to go fishing every so often...I work to fish.
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    Louisville, Ken
    I know, I know, But here it is in its right pace.:smile2:

    Crush a box of Wheaties up real good, I like mixing 1/2 and 1/2 mix with any other ingredients,

    I like to take DRY cat-chow or Ole Roy dog food grind it up pretty good in a blender, put in mixing bowl add 1/2 the amout of water, let absorb into whatever you ground up, which will expand some after a while.

    Add wheaties mixing well together adding little amounts of water or anything you want for liquid, fish oil in the cat-chow or some canned ole roy in the dog food??? etc.. mix untill you have the right consistency to stay put when wrapped around the hook,You'll figure it out.. As it dries some while fishing add water.

    This is some sticky stuff,, do not wipe on cloths, it hardens up like concrete.LOL.. Smokes farm raised channels

    Cream corn and wheaties--Spinach and wheaties are killer carp bait.

    Have Fun