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    "OK now that everyone knows just how much they truly miss this place when a problem arises", Lets ALL make sure we are running the best equipment we can be, what do you think? We are at what, 20 thousand plus members? everyone donate $X.XX (this could be as little as $1.00) to the BOC, for the cost of all this and past work, new equipment, future equipment, BETTER equipment, etc..... I know times are tough right now for all, but the way I see it, there is NO ONE on here any worse than I am, (and a buck or two won't kill me) but not being able to have ALL my friends here might just get that done, LOL. This should not be for ANYTHING in return like stars or toys etc.. but for the BOC equipment PERIOD.
    I think this is more than do-able by ALL members here, as I know for a fact that some of these give-a-ways and things Paul has sent out, was all at COST to the BOC (and his pocket), and that money NEEDS to be replaced in my opinion. Yes we (BOC) have out grown anything Paul could have ever dreamed (IMO)
    Paul will never ask for help, you know as well as I. So for $X.XX be sent to the BOC pay-pal account in regards to "NEW EQUIPMENT" so we (The BOC) can cover some of the cost of this Equipment, (and yes to those of you that will say, "What are the sponsors for?" well it is quite obvious that only so much is going to come in from them) and reassure that the BOC is running on the best equipment we can be, Lets step up folks and get it done, Think about it, Is this place worth OUR help right now? I ASK YOU ALL, where else can you get this much for NOTHING if that is what you choose to do?????? Washington sure isn't going to BAIL US OUT, now are they?

    If you so choose to donate for BOC upgrades and Equipment this would be the pay-pal address

    This is just the thought of one member here, nothing to gain personally (with the exception of more friends) but TONS to loose if we can't keep up with the unreal growth on the BOC.
    Thanks for your time: