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Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by Sentry Dog Man, Sep 9, 2005.

  1. Sentry Dog Man

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    This may have been discussed before on the old board. But, it is now gone, so I cannot search to find out (I am a new member) Thus, I am posing this question, " What seems to be the "bread and butter" rig (main terminal rig) that seems to be used the most, with the most satisfying results? Is it the Carolina rig, Paternoster rig etc etc ?

    I know this could depend upon the type of bait that one is using and areas one is fishing. But, I would just like to get some opinions. Personally, I have used the Carolina rig more that anything. But, I have been toying around with the Paternoster rig.

    I am also (somewhat) sure that a lot of rigging would depend on the particular catfish that one is targeting, typ e of water being fished etc.. Thus, I would appreciate views (opinions) from all. No matter what bait you are using or what catfish you are targeting.

    Thanks in advance
  2. shania

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    San Leandro, Ca
    Hey Sentry Dog Man,

    The Carolina Rig is the best for me, and you will find that alot of members use it. :D

    Take It Easy,
    Bert :cool:

  3. zebcohobo202

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    I'm with Shaina the carolina rig is most common for me although, different conditions require different rigs. I use a paternoster or bottom bouncing rig when I am drifting. An area containing a lot of snags might call for a float. Heavy current versus still waters also call for different rigs. I would say ones rig depends more on the conditions at hand than the type of fish sought after.
  4. omots2

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    abrerdeen md
    We have some pretty good moving water at times and using a boat we tend to use a 2 oz. flat with 1 hook up 1 foot and the other we adjust as needed from 1foot to 3 feet above the first hook. :thumbsup:
  5. s_self88

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    Carolina rig, split shot rig, or sometimes no weight at all.
  6. 98custom

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    I know that peoplealso use a double hook rig.
  7. Nate

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    Lately I've been using the Carolina rig, but I use a 3way instead of a barrel swivel. One part of the 3way is of course tied to the mainline, the other 2 I tie 15" leaders to with my hook, so I can present two different types of bait.

    I run two rods, so I can experiment with 4 different baits at once.