Preferred outfits for local river fishing?

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    Being in transition from boat and surf fishing (mostly Surf), I'd like to know what some of the favorite setups are for Blues and Flatheads on the river. I have an idea what I think will work for me, but also listening to you guys would help, and possibly change my ideas on what rigs I should maintain as my "go to" outfits. Needless to say, I'm not going to need the number of setups I would for my previous pursuits, and had too many before this change.

    I was also wondering if there are any swap meets as such, or any kind of get together for reasons of disposing of/trading/or purchasing used equipment? These have always been quit helpful in other areas I have lived, most places had a few events a year, although most of them were a little more Coastal in nature. I really don't believe wooden plugs will ever come in handy for these Cat's, although a plug bag full of the smaller stuff would be fun, and come in handy in the Spring. I'm guessing most of you have the same problem I do, "can't ever have too much fishing stuff" :wink:

    As I understand, I've missed the good fishing for the first of the year, and have a few month's until it picks up again. While I'll surely be putting in time keeping the casting arm in check, and hoping for that "once in a Blue Moon catch", I'll be using this time to research places equipment/techniques that seem productive, studying charts, excess to the river, and hopefully meeting a few catfishing dudes (or dudettes :0a1:) to wet a line with.

    Thanks all for the great welcome, the info I've already picked up here, and the answers to the specific questions that I know many of you have answered numerous times before!

    Tight Lines to All.... And a "Safe" year!