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Discussion in 'Deer Hunting' started by FlatGetter, Jul 24, 2006.

  1. FlatGetter

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    Im a first time hunter this year and I was wondering the best scent lok or scent Blocker for the money. Charcol or carbon, you tell me.
  2. field989

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    east central indiana
    well we useactivated charcol(i think)

    one thing i am thinking of doing is getting the scent blocker underwear and just descent my other clothes and when i get out to the hunting grounds just put it all on but i also wanna try that dead down wind stuff... like a enzyme that kills bacteria that makes human scent....

    but the kinda clothes we got had a little ad on it when we got it and it had a little scratch and sniff thing that REALLY smelled like acorn but when u put that little patch of the scent blocker stuff u COULD NOT SMELL IT

    but for a beginner hunter I WOULD ADVISE U TO ALWAYS KNOW THE DIRECTION OF THE WIND... u dont need scent blocking stuff if u CAN STAY DOWN WIND OF THE DEER

    but i am 90% positive we use the clothes with the charcol liner in them....
    but i will find out when i go back down to my dads.(cause thats where they are) sorry i aint 100% sure but i will be soon

    hope this helps...


    if u do get these clothes KEEP THE INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO WASH THEM...

    oh and i do know that to activate the charcol u need to put it in the dryer for 20min
    and that makes it work

  3. Bayoubear

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    near that hellhole dallas
    jeff gave you some good advice, know the wind direction and keep this to heart.... "If the wind's in yer face... hunt another place".

    i dont use scent blocking products such as the carbon clothes or the chewing gum breath odor eliminator. (the very idea of the latter i find funny) I do however take a bath, use unscented deodorant, and wear clean clothes. I harvest plenty of deer.

    best of luck to you and hope to see a pic this fall of you and a ten pointer. :)