Pre-Spawning Blue catfish?

Discussion in 'Blue Catfishing' started by StuBone278, Apr 21, 2007.

  1. StuBone278

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    south central Louisiana
    Ok I've been fishing the Vermilion here in Lafayette and getting a steady amount of blues, but I've all of a sudden I can't catch any.

    Yesterday I went out with my friend and we got nothing...used cut shad in 3-7 feet of water along the bank just downstream of an inlet. We even fished a logjam with no results.

    The river's about 16 feet deep in the middle, and 50 yards wide (to give you an idea) and very muddy. Inside bends go from 2-5 feet deep, while outside bends are usually in the 12 foot range.

    Water Temps 70-74 degrees

    Any ideas where we should try?
  2. Ghost River

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    I don't know your river but it sounds like those fish very well could be spawning right now. The bite can be pretty inconsistant on spawning fish.