Pre-rigging for easier night time fishing

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  1. rushing

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    One of the most frustrating things about night time fishing is having to re-rig in the dark. To help get my bait back in the water as fast as I can I pre-tie up hooks with leaders and a swivel and store them on a "Tackle Tamer".

    What I use for my leader set up:

    #2 barrel swivel
    12-18in of 65lb Power Pro for a leader
    8/0 Gamakatsu Octopus Circle hook
    Hook Keeper

    I fish a 3-way slip rig, since I don’t like to have the sinker directly on my main line.
    I pre-rig my weights so I can quick change or replace them. If the weight gets snagged up I can break that off without losing my whole set up. Just clip another weight on and I'm back in business.

    What I use for my weight set up:
    #12 Snap swivel
    2-3in of 25lb Big Game mono
    Flat Bank Sinker 3-5oz
    Weight clipped onto main line.

    So basically with one knot I am ready to have my bait back in the water in no time!:cool2:

    What do you do to make night time fishing easier?
  2. Crackr

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    I pretty much do the same thing. I sit on the porch and pre-tie 3-way rigs and put them individually into sandwich bags. It's the only way to go, since I'll usually break something on my rig 2 or 3 times an outing.

  3. Mark J

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    Four Oaks, NC
    I pretie leaders and keep them on a leader board or wrapped around a tube designed for the purpose.
    I keep my reels maintained and inspect my rods before storing them so I dont have to worry about working on them or having to make do with a rod problem while fishing. I've had to do enough of that many times before.
    Having a reel tore down in a boat trying to fix a problem cuts into my fishing time.

    Other times when I get lines set I may kick back and tie leaders for future fishing trips.
  4. PeZ

    PeZ New Member

    I pre rig also saves alot of time and it gets u pumped up for the trip
  5. Gringoloco

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    Ft. Belvoir, VA
    I always premake my 3 way river rigs before I go out for the night. I always have six made up ready to go. I just wrap the line around the weight and then wrap the line with the hook back around the weight and throw a piece of electrical tape around it to keep everything in place. When its time to go fishing I strip off the tape and tie the top loop to the line. I always bring my $5 hat light that I picked up at Wally world, it helps out alot and I dont have to have a lattern that attracts tons of bugs.
  6. Deltalover

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    Tracy Calif
    When using dip bait, I will have several allready dipped so that when I catch a fish, I can unsnap the leader and snap on a new one and get back in the water. I then un-hook my fish!
  7. photocat

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    HOCO, Maryland
    One of the guys i fish with and my tourny partner uses one of the pool noodles to tie up his rigs with... he's got them pretied and stored in the "rod locker" compartment on his boat... he uses a heavy duty snap swivel to attach the rigs (pretied with a loop at the end) so that they won't get off... It allows him for fast changes at night or when ever if he breaks off (shouldn't, his line is 60 or 85 lb test and the leaders are that or higher usually) or if his hook seems dull or what ever reason he chooses... They are hooked in the end of the foam then he has a few rubber bands along it to keep the lines straight...
  8. Iowa_Josh

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    Central Iowa
    Rob, it would rig faster if you tied a snap to your main line. Then if you want to change hooks or to tear down for the night you just unsnap and go. It also lets you tie a palomar to the snap and that is hard to do with a long dangly thing. Worse if there is bait or a fish on there.

    I do the sinker a lot simpler. I double the lines up and overhand knot to make a loop that attaches the sinker to the main line with a snap or swivel or whatever. It is fast and it ain't pretty but it just decorates the river bottom anyway.
  9. rushing

    rushing New Member

    Yeah I understand what you are saying but if you lose your rig above the snap swivel you have to tie another one of them on as well. I mostly leave my rod rigged up except for the weight. I just clip the weight on that on and go.

    I have in the past rigged my weights the same as you but I stopped when the swivels would break and I would have to cut the line so I can put another snap swivel on.

    Its cool seeing or hearing how other people like to set up thier rigs.