Pre/Post low pressure systems effect on fishing

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by Tym2Fish, Feb 12, 2006.

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    I was looking to see what peoples thoughts are on sucess either right before a storm system comes through or right after. Last summer I had a storm roll through in which before the storm I couldnt get a nibble. Right after the storm (within hours) it was almost as if someone flipped the switch and I could hardly keep up with the runs. Since I fish a lake and was in a cove by a wash I theorized that the fish were aware that the rain runoff would come down the wash introducing food potential in that area. I have found that in winter time i have more sucess just before a system comes through as opposed to right after. Any thoughts or experiences would be appreciated. Thanks

    TIM HAGAN New Member

    Well your right that after a rain fish will feed in the months of river and steams also along the bank lines. They will feed along the banks as the water is on the way up . Dropping waters can become hard to fish and the bites will slow down. As for th Highs and lows I dont watch them I just go fishing and try my best to find the cats. Most of my trips are book weeks or months ahead so I have to make the best of that day.
    But every Day on the water is a great day fish or no fish!

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    I have done really good while it is storming and raining. Also hours prior to a storm front. Day after a storm with high pressure is what I call a blue bird day. I don't really do that good on a "blue bird" day.
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    3 hours before a front is usually good.

    I think bnecause of the run off you hit on a good spot for after a storm.I fish tidal river and the cove the power plant discharges in is hot hot hot as the tide is ghoing out.
    I believe the baitfish come in at high tide and the predatory fish come in as the tides going out,thus almost trapping the baitfish.Most bites occur along the ledges along the cove which is why i believe thats the reason for the bite at low tide.

    Theres a host of conditions that play a part in the overall picture,the more that come together,the better the bite!low pressure is just 1 piece of the puzzle.

    I was out yesterday,and believe it was/or close to a full moon,tide was goin out,and the snow was a comin!Soon as the water level dropped to the tip of the ledge in that cove,the bite turned on!
    4 walleye,and crappies!Had i not gotten so cold and it gettin so dark i'd of stayed cause it seemed like they were just startin to turn on.