Prayers for the families of the gulf states

Discussion in 'Prayer Request' started by MUDHOLE KID, Aug 30, 2005.


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    The storm has passed and now realilty sits in.The Murray Family(Muhole Kid) is and will be praying for the families of the gulf.I can't imagine the heartache that alot of people are having at this very moment.I wish all of them well and my God bless them and keep them strong during their times of hurt.
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    Nice post Mudhole. I think we all feel the same. I know we have quite a bit of members in that area. Soloman(a BOC member) was one of the people who had to stay there and try to wait out the storm. I sure do wish him the best, along with all the people hit by this tragedy. As Sal Jr. said on another post, we need to get all of our resources together as a Brotherhood and do something about it. With all of the thousands of members here, we should be able to at least make a little contribution to these victims. Hey Mods how about it?