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    My family:I've had some very upsetting news tonight and I have been crying and very down.A very dear friend has been asked leave at church where I worship because he will only preach from the Bible. I went off one one of his accusers and they hung up on me.I am not normally like that but there are a few things that will make me angry. This is totally wrong and I just can't set still for it.I need ya to talk to God tonight right beside and I need God to make Satan run for His Life,I have no use for him and I know that pure evil is behind this.Thanks for your help and allowing me to vent! Remember prayers move Mountains.Love to you all my family---------Pat Powell:angry: :sad2:
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    OK, I'm game, what else are you supposed to preach from? We will give a little help here from Iowa.

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    My prayers are sent for this situation and y'all. This is a difficult thing to swallow because the truth of the Bible is what should be teached. I have too often seen events like this happen because too many people can not handle the truth the Bible has to offer or handle the fact they do not live up to it. Again prayers are sent.
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    Let me get this straight, he's been asked to leave the Church for using the Bible as his guide for preaching? Am I missing something?
    If I am understanding you correctly (and I hope i'm not) who is it that has asked him to leave?
    If this is the Church leadership asking him to leave, then you need to flee. QUICKLY and don't look back!

    I will be praying for your situation.

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    Am I correct in saying that this person is, or, was, the pastor where you attend Church? Pastors had better preach from the Bible, if not their words are just idle chatter, and mean nothing. I know myself that if my pastor was preaching anything other than GODS words, straight from the Holy Bible, I would leave that Church in a heartbeat.

    I do not know what all is happening at the Church you attend, but if it's not about GOD, then I would suggest you depart from there and find another Church.
    Anger is one thing Satan loves, and will do his best to get us that way. The word says, be slow to speak, slow to anger, and quick to listen..

    What does this Church want preached if it's not GODS word? I will lift you up in prayer my Sister, may GOD give you the peace that only he can give..
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    I agree bro the bible is what we live by . Prayer being sent your way.
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    Sorry to hear your problems. Bible, heart and soul. Faith.

    I hope it all works out.
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    I will be sending out prayer for you and your situation. It's amazing how the devil works, isn't it? What you think is impeniterable can also be altered by the work of the devil - like coming inside the church walls. I know you have been put in an awkward position, but remember. The Bible tells us to forgive - we all know God does and like the tea I drank for supper - This too shall pass. Let go and let God. He will handle the situation accordingly. In the meantime keep your faith and keep reading your Bible.
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    Just curious ,if they don't want he speaking from the Bible what do the want him to speak from (A Superman comic. )I have heard some stupid things but this takes the cake.Prayers being said that everything will work out .GOD BLESS>
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    I am agreeing with everyone else. A church I used to attend thought it would be hip and go "new age". I no longer attend that church. Teach the bible stdy the word and try to live a clean life.
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    You have our prayers PK.
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    thoughts n prayers sent from tn keep the fath sister
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    My prayers are with you.

    Being a pastor myself, I kind of know where you are coming from on this one. This is happening a lot now, and it is a shame. This is prophesied as something that we will see happen; people are going to find teachers that will teach them what they want to hear, instead of the Word! What is the Word's response: get ready, stay ready, and look up!
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    Sister Powell,

    Prayers are being sent for you.

    I have read both threads, this one, and the Answers thread. Let me tell you this. Satan can weave a very dangerous web through a church. I have seen churches that were destroyed because 1 person left "the barn door" open, and allowed Satan to start planting seeds. My wife, kids and I were attending a church a few years ago, and I felt called to work with the youth. Well, my wife was already working with the 4-5 year olds, so, thats where we started out. Very soon, we were sent down to be assistant's to the Youth Pastor. She was a very straight, upright woman, who lived by the Bible, and preached the Bible. That youth group was ON FIRE for God. Never have I seen the spirit so active in 10 teenagers before. The youth pastor was also our kids teacher, as they were "homeschooled" at her house at that time. She had 4 kids of her own, our 2 kids, and 3 girls from the youth group in class daily.
    She was single, and she met a guy who had 4 kids. After dating him for 1 month, they got married very suddenly. She was asked to step down from being the youth pastor, and we were told by the pastor of the church that the reason was that it was impossible for her to be a teacher, mother of 8, AND a youth pastor. The next Sunday, he was preaching from the bible on All things are possible through Christ. I didn't understand how 1 min he could say something was impossible, an the next say all things are possible, so my wife and I left that church and found a new one.
    When she was no longer the youth pastor, her schooling of the kids went downhill. She was allowing her new husband to control her, and how she taught. Looking back, I see now what the pastor had meant, was that her being teacher/mother/youth pastor was impossible, as she was letting Christ slip through her fingers, and letting the devil slip in.

    Now, what does all this have to do with your situation?
    I don't know, I just felt led to tell you this. Remember at all times to Pray. God will direct you and lead you if you allow him to. Don't let your emotions come into play, just let your heart speak to the lord, and hear him when he speaks to your heart.
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    You didn't give very much information to pray on, but I will pray that God shows you the way. It sounds like you have a conflict with your church leadership so I would pray that God gives you some direction.
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    GC, OHIO
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    Think! Whats with the crying?Perk up.Have faith.Pray for Gods will.Once you have turned it over to God.God will handle it.We may not understand or even approve of what will happen,but we are human and are not meant to understand or know all.If he is a man of God,God will prevail.God may have decided that this man deserves better than these people.You know that all of this hurt and anger is not of God.Perhaps these people are to be pitied,not worshiped with.Please read Ro.-11-33.It is OK.God don;t let his people down.Now we do sin by thinking he will or has at times.This thing is his gain and the Churches loss.Think.What finer reason in the world could he be dismissed for? It shows me that he is doing Gods Work.Rejoice in this.peewee-williams
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    Sorry to hear about your big problem. I wish you lot of luck. I will pray for you and hope that it gets worked out.

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    prayers sent from indiana