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Discussion in 'Prayer Request' started by Believer, Apr 21, 2006.

  1. Believer

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    Greenwood, AR.
    Hello brothers & sisters!

    My family needs prayer right now. We have 6 year old twin boys who are in kindergarten & they are "typical boys." They love to play & wrestle with daddy, but I haven't been doing much of that with them lately because one of them, Aaron gets into way too much trouble at school.
    He can't keep his hands/feet to himself. He has been sent home from school 4times this year.
    He just went back to school Tuesday after being suspended last week for hitting his principle. He has hit/kicked her & his teacher on several occasions.
    Although he is sometimes defiant at home, he is never physical with us. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that he knows he'll get his butt spanked at home, but knows that the liberals at school wont administer any form of real discipline.

    The school told us last week that we had to get him counseling or they would do it. So, we set him up to see a local Christian councilor. As Christians we want to make sure he's getting the best possible help.

    Well, he got into trouble today for acting like he was going to cut a little girl with his scissors & when the teacher told him to stop he did the same to her!
    The principle told us today that he can not come back to school until he sees a councilor of THEIR choice. We told them that we already had him scheduled to see a councilor, but they refuse to accept her.
    We even had our councilor contact the school, but she was told that they would not accept her because she is not an M. D.!!!
    This really upsets us because we believe that our child is going to be subjected to a bunch of liberal, secular garbage & that the Dr.'s answer will be the typical one... to put him on Ritalin.
    Don't get me wrong, in some cases medication is the right way to go, but we all know that it is WAY over prescribed.

    That all being said, the most puzzling part of this whole thing is that Aaron is a very affectionate child who loves his family,loves going to Church and talks of Jesus quite often. I don't understand what triggers his behavior!?

    Thanks for letting me cry on your shoulders!

  2. RiverKing

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    Yellow Spr
    Good luck Believer, and i think your name says it all.. Good Luck

  3. catmanofohio

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    Aberdeen (Southern Ohio)
    Good luck with that man.
  4. BigCatSteve

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    Huber Heights,Ohio
    keep your faith in God and everything will turn out ok.thought and prayers from ohio
  5. seabee

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    Sorry to hear about your trouble have you and your wife thought about home schooling?
  6. Buddrice

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    Prayers from Louisiana for you and your family. if schools were still like they were when I was in school you got your ____ spanked and you didn't do what you did again.In my book , schools have really gone down hill !!! He has a reason for what he does and hopefully you will find out why.Hope you the best.
  7. T-Bone

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    South of Dallas
    Prayers sent from Texas. Maybe he will just grow out of it. It's been a few years now but my buddy's son in the 7th grade started acting up and the school doc put him on Ritlin and man that kid was like a zombie. He's off it now and doing really well.
    Good luck with dealing with the school system.
  8. derbycitycatman

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    your first name
    Good luck, I know I was kind of wild in elementary school. Turned out after testing I was ahead of what they were trying to teach me. So with nothing to do I acted out. They put me in advanced classes and the acting up quit.
    Hopefully its something along those lines and hes just bored.
    Thoughts and prayers from Derbycity.
  9. ryang

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    Blacklick, Ohio
    Prayers sent your way
  10. susquhanna catman

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    New York
    My prayers are with you.
    I have a thirteen year old girl doing somewhat the same,
    so i feel for you.
    On the bright side you definently have the best man in your corner
    for helping you.
    good luck.
  11. doughboy

    doughboy New Member

    prayers are out for you brother just keep the faith and all will be OK
  12. Cherokee

    Cherokee New Member

    Prayers sent from kentucky
  13. YeeHaw

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    Quincy Illinois
    Ya got prayers coming from your home town. Hope you can get this settled.
  14. Catman

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    Randolph, Nebraska
    I don't want to be too blunt... but get a MD not the one they are demanding. and then get a good non-local lawer, they will railroad your family if you do nothing. Good luck
  15. Ol Whiskers

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    Fairfield Township, Ohio
    I know it's very frustrating to see your kids growing so differently. Just a thought - any chance he's acting up because someone is giving him a hard time at school? Bullying? Or a learning disability?

    6 yrs is not too early to check him out for ADHD, but get a doc or psychiatrist that's not connected with the school system. Your state probably has a requirement for the school to provide alternate forms of education if he has a problem. Been there with my daughter since she was six, now 22. She's got pretty good control of it, but it takes a lot of work, and still gets out of hand sometimes. Don't look away from any source of information, but take it all with a grain of salt.

  16. catfishbill33

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    Clarksville, TN
    here is what I would do.
    As a pastor I deal with some strange things in todays life.
    I really can't answer your question but I suggest spending a lot of time in prayer and talking a lot to the child to find the reason.And there are reasons why children do what they do.
    Our church will be praying for the situtation and Hopefully we can see something good come out of this.
    Our prayers are for your family
  17. teaysvalleyguy

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    GC, OHIO
    Prayers sent brother, I hope you get the right help for your boys and all works out for ya.
  18. kspor

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    Wichita Kansas
    I hope it all works out. Here in Kansas its a 186 day suspension for hitting a teacher. My wife was assaulted 3 times and has a permanent disability from one of em.

    What does your pediatrician say? Perhaps a pediatric neurologists. I dont see a ADD/ADHD drug helping his aggressive behavior. Schools cant do much, but they have to look at things like Columbine and protect themselves.

    Now I am not saying that your child would do something like that because he has a parent who cares. Those kids had landlords not parents. I would suggest your current councelor team with your pediatrician to see if there is not a chemical cause. My son suffered from rages to, but only directed at his biological mother. He lives with me now and he has never done that to my wife or anyone other than his mother. We go to counceling and found that he had a hearing disorder and epiliepsy. Yeah and it took nearly 3 years of me saying my kid doesnt have ADD and drugs to find out.

    Get second opionions if you have too. Some doctors and councelors are not the best. If one seems to make no difference then see others. You would do the same with a car no matter how good everyone said the mechanic was.
  19. kbgrillin

    kbgrillin New Member

    Believer, I will say a prayer for you and your family. Keep the faith! Leave it with GOD and let him take care of it.
  20. FS Driver

    FS Driver New Member

    i too will say a prayer for your son and family.
    i however find it hard to believe that a child that age acting
    out that kind of aggression that you describe after getting his a$$
    spanked at home.
    my youngest has had it way easier than our oldest (first) in the
    punishment dept.
    everyone says how well behaved my kids are yet they can drive me crazy bickering and fighting between each other here at the house.
    if they came and visited you , they can behave
    seems like they cant in my house.
    when you say you bust their butt i have a feeling it aint what a old fashion
    one is all about.
    i aint sayin beat the kid to leave marks but i would think you could bring the fear of them not wanting any more of it and behaveing their selves in public.
    what do you think the parents of the little girl think when they heard her retell what your son said to her?
    if it was my son did that his a$$ in going to be blistered red and shiney
    barebottom to a wooden paddle .
    you do that a couple times before allowing someone to prescribe medicine.
    mine has lashed out at me a couple times my wife more than a few and his brother way too much . he knows the pecking order.
    he knows big brother can only do so much before mom gets him
    mom is way softer than dad but dont push the envelope too much
    and dad he knows better but i aggrivate a bit too much at times and that sends him over rational thinking
    but you get that A$$ and you get his attention and hes sorry he goofed up.
    im not downing you or trivializeing your situation, i truely hope you can get a handle on this without medication and a school transfer.
    prayers from illinois brother . hope you get it resolved in good and short order.