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Discussion in 'Fishing Line Review' started by bj78, Mar 1, 2006.

  1. bj78

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    I am considering using PowerPro or another braided line. I was wondering 1) Is it hard to break off if you get a snag? 2) Is it easy to work with, tie knots etc..? 3) Does it fray? 4) Does it have memory? and Finally does the hi-vis yellow glow under a blacklight? Hope that is not too many questions :confused:
  2. Itch2Scratch

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    Power Pro is a good choice but as with any braid you need to wrap it around something before trying to break it....a stick or something. If you try to break it by hand your gonna feed your fingers to the fish...LOL..You can easily tie knots with Power Pro but the Palomar knot is suggested ...no the Hi-Vis Yellow does not show under black light which is one of the drawbacks if you use a blacklight like I do...not sure about the white Power Pro since I have had no reason to replace what I am using. Braided lines have virtually no memory...I have not experienced fraying but some others have...hope this helps.

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    Walter Flack
    Because of the material that PowerPro is produced from, it is necessary to place some sort of backing on your reel before spooling up with PowerPro. This will prevent the line from slipping on the spool when pressure is applied. I have found that one of the best materials for backing the spool is monofilament. Simply place the monofilament on the spool as you would if you were going to fill the reel. Once the entire width of the spool is covered use a Uni knot to Uni knot to attach the PowerPro to the monofilament. After the knot is secure, continue to fill the reel to its maximum capacity with PowerPro.
    Below is a chart that will give you a more detailed look at how PowerPro compares to monofilament in diameter.

    PowerPro Monofilament
    8 pound test (0.005” Dia.) 1 pound test (0.005” Dia.)
    10 pound test (0.006” Dia.) 2 pound test (0.006” Dia.)
    15 pound test (0.008” Dia.) 4 pound test (0.008” Dia.)
    20 pound test (0.009” Dia.) 6 pound test (0.009” Dia.)
    30 pound test (0.011” Dia.) 8 pound test (0.011”Dia.)
    50 pound test (0.014” Dia.) 12 pound test (0.014” Dia.)
    65 pound test (0.016” Dia.) 16 pound test (0.016” Dia.)
    80 pound test (0.017” Dia.) 18 pound test (0.017” Dia.)
    200 pound test (0.030” Dia.) 50 pound test (0.030” Dia.)
  4. Rajun_Cajun

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    well i think powerpro is an all around fantastic braid line. i have 10# powerpro for my daiwa baitcaster and ever since i have gotten it(since x-mas) i havent had any problems with it. it casts great. also if you get snagged it is somewhat hard to break; but then again most all braids are hard to snap if you snag. but it doesnt fray because i am pretty sure it has a teflon coating on it. kinda keeps it fresh for the next time you go out and i think what its main focus is it keep water from getting between the actual braid and that is what causes fraying. so the teflon or whatever wax type coating it has on it really does a good job!:D
  5. blackwaterkatz

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    I love the powerpro, and I think it is easier to break off than mono. Once you wrap the braided around something, as mentioned above, there is no stretch, and a quick tug rather than a steady pull usually breaks the line easily. With mono, you have to pull, and pull, and pull, until you get all the stretch out, then it will finally break.
    The coating on powerpro will eventually come off. I inspect the line, and cut off a few feet whenever it starts to show signs of fatigue. I have had some on reels for 3+ years without changing it, and it's still in great condition. I don't replace it unless it gets too low on the reel spool, but I will reverse it on the spool after a couple of years.
  6. FlatGetter

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    I am going with the PowerPro. It doesnt have that much memory, and its harder to fray than other braids. It has really high strength. Its not going to break off a snag that easy.
  7. loanwizard

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    I use 100lb power pro and love it. However, I'd like to see someone break it. I've wrapped it aroun an oar and jerked and plumb near fell out the boat! I might be overdoing it a little. :p Maybe the next batch I get will be about 60lb.
  8. JAinSC

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    Just my opinion, but ...

    I have used Power Pro and Fireline. Personally, I like the Fireline a lot better. It's got more body and therefore is more manageable. I had a lot of trouble with little tiny knots and loops in the Power Pro.

    Also, (and again it's my opinion) I think they exagerate how thin all of the "super" braids are. Both the 10 pound Power Pro and the 10 pound Fireline are supposed to be the same diameter as 2 pound mono, but I swear they are at least as fat as 6 or even 8 pound mono.
  9. comanchero

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    I run 65# and 80# PowerPro on my flathead rods. I keep a dowel in the boat to wrap around the line and help break the line when I get hung. It is tough as heck - don't try to break it off with just your hand or you are going to hurt yourself.
    I use the HiVis line PowerPro in 65# to tie my leaders also. I use it for leaders because it is easy to see in the dark and that size line is easy to tie. I use snell knots to the hook and palomar knots to the swivel. I used to use clinch knots and lost a good fish when the knot let go. When I read the PowerPro directions they recommend not to use a clinch knot. Once I went to the palomar knot I have never lost a fish or had any problems.
    It is a good line, it has no memory and lasts a long time. Some of mine is over 3 years old and still going strong.
    One last thing - check the tip guide on your rods. I had one rod tip that had a groove cut into it from fishing with superline. It looked like somebody took a grinder and just ground a groove in the rod tip. I just happened to glance at the tip one day and noticed the groove. It was pretty sharp and could have cost me a nice fish if I had not detected it.
  10. Mugz

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    I was using 65lb during the winter(term used lightly)...and really liked it for fishing the heavy timber....I must have gotten ahold of a bad spool because some of what I had was breaking for no apparent reason...sometimes it would break on the hookset....I never thought to check my rod tip to see if it was cut or not.......The sensitivity is unreal and I landed some really nice fish using it.....good luck...
  11. bigfish

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    i used it for part of a year and like mugz i must have gotten a bad spool cause after only about 5 months i was loosing a lot on hook set. although i did like how it reeled, casted, and tied. never thought i might have just gotten a bad spool. might try it again and see.
  12. boliver

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    i to was really down on power pro it was breaking on every hook set i riped it off and respooled with momo and didnt have trouble but the next day i found my rod tip was cracked. in real swift water i have trouble with it fraying but i now use it again and love it. i bank fish and can definately reach father out because of no memory.
  13. balddaddy91

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    power pro is a very good choice used it for years
  14. sinjin

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    I have first experimented with Power Pro braid when it was first introduced on the market. I have used it with success and had no complaints. Then I switched to Spiderwire Stealth. Why? Because the Stealth is a lot softer, the scotch guard is on every strand of the spectra fiber and not just on the exterior like Power Pro. What this means is that your lines memory will last longer, it will last longer and basically fish they way it was meant to be fished. Calcutta braid is also another hot line out here in Southern California, however, I have yet to use it.
  15. KC Jayhawk 78

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    Power Pro casts great , no memory, knots are good. People think it frays , but its just the color coming off, not the line. I dont know about the black light thing. I havent had any problem with it. I just use a small stick , wrap it around the stick about 6 or 7 times, and walk backward. Itll break. I use 40 lb. on my channel rods and 100 lb. on my blue and flat rods. Great stuff. The smaller diameter lets you get alot more on your spool than mono. Thats probably the best feature, and the teflon coating lets you cast it a mile. The 40 lb. really flies good. I cast the 40 lb. off of a 8 ft. spinning rod , and I can easily cast it 70-90 yards. :) Hope this helps.
  16. TeamCatHazzard

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    I would highly recommend PowerPro as well! It is super tough and lasts really well. It can be kind of hard to break off of a snag but if you wrap it around something and pull it isnt too bad. All I use is 100lb PowerPro and I have not 1 complaint about it. The line color does fade if you use it a lot but thats no big deal. It lasts forever too I havent had any problem with it fraying except after hard use the end and I just cut about a foot or two off it and then its fine. Last year I fished hard I would say at least 4 times a week and fished lots of tourneys and this year I just spooled my line up on the opposite end and its good to go. That stuff doesnt wear out easily. It is easy to work with and tie as well as I have had no problems. It has no memory once so ever as with most braids. Im pretty sure the hi viz does not glow but Im not positive about that. All in all PowerPro is an excelent choice and you will be happy with it. Good luck!