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Discussion in 'NFL Talk' started by SkiMax, Jul 25, 2007.

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    Just though it'd be fun if everybody did their power rankings for the upcoming season. Here's my top 10

    1. Colts-Lost a few key positions but are Super Bowl Champs
    2. Patriots-Dang their gonna be good
    3. Chargers- Two letters... LT
    4. Bears- Great D, Best in NFC for sure
    5. Bengals-My team, I know, but D is coming along and has one of the best O's in the league. Last year way underachieved
    6. Ravens- Another good D
    7. Eagles
    8. Cowboys
    9. Chiefs- although a QB controversy is on the way
    10. Bronco's- Still not sold on Cutler, but good all around

    well let's hear it guys! Obviously I think much more about the AFC than NFC, and I did not put the Saints in, but they could be in there. A few other teams right on the outside of my top 10, Steelers, Seahawks, Titans, Jaguars, and my up and coming team- the 49ers.
  2. Dmitri

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    Chiefs? LJ is holding out, their great O-line has been retiring, and they're just in bad shape. 3rd in the AFC West, maybe worse if the Raiders can get things going, did did have a top 10 defense last year, they just have to make the offense decent to win. I'd put the Broncos about 5-6, but that's just homerism.

    I'd also put the pats number 1...the Colts lost too many starters, even though in a Cover two like they run those starting CBS aren't as important as in other systems, they are still gone, and what about June being gone? And one of their Safeties? Not to mention their LT also retired. I don't know how it will affect them in the long run, but the Offense is as good as ever, the defense is just lacking.

    Where are the Saints? They're a better team than the Cowboys and can beat Philly. They have one of the most dynamic offenses in the entire NFL next to the Colts.

    About your 49'ers pick...I think the NFC west either this year or starting next year is going to be VERY competitive. Arizona is finally getting some O-line help, they have a decent defense, and have Leinart passing to two pro-bowl WRs with a Pro-bowl RB behind him. Another team rising from the depths is San Fran, with Gore, Smith and Davis. The Rams are coming back also but only had a small drop off after the superbowl years. They are no longer the greatest show on turf, but between Steven Jackson, Torry Holt, and Isaac Bruce, the offense can make some noise. Then there is the Seahawks, they're still the best team in the NFC West, but they have seen their success and it looks like it might be time for them to start dropping off. I think the Seahawks are a top 10 team in the league next year if they stay healthy.

  3. HappyDudeSr

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    Power Rankings as seen through my highly questionable eyes.:smile2:

    1) Colts (Peyton 6'4" laser, rocket arm...& Marvelous Marvin one more time)
    2) Chargers (Norv Turner?!? boooooo he's a good/great O Coordinator, but stinks as the head man...It's LT's year though he and Shawne "Roidmonger" Merriman are so much fun to watch)
    3) da Bears (Brian "I'llmashyourfacein" Urlacher and crew. I gotta feelin Lovie's crew won't be back in the 'Bowl) (wasn't that Thurston Howell III's wife?)
    4) Pats (I am not a Randy Moss fan. I don't think he can fit in with this team. They will definitely go deep into the playoffs)
    5) Ravens (Ray Lewis' passion for the game is incredible to watch)
    6) Seattle
    7) Philly (Westbrook one of best all around backs in the game)
    8) Dallas (with the Rib king Tony Romo & Bum's son. The 'boys could be back on top in the NFC. I hate to say it, but they probably will be the ones to beat, man, I really hate to say that!!)
    9) St Louis (That offense got a nice off-season boost, as if it needed one, with McMichaels, Hall, and Bennett....Will the defense improve against the run is the key)
    10) Cincy (can they keep enough players out of jail/court long enough to play a season?:wink:)

    I hope Carson's leg is ok and he gets his confidence in it back. He was a bit tentative with it last year and quite understandably so. He has got some intestinal fortitude to be able to come back like he did and as fast. That was near miraculous.

    I also like the Saints with Brees and Colston, and that other guy:wink: I just don't think the Defense is there. They are really exciting to watch.

    I too like like what's in the cards for the Cards. I think they are still a year away.
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    I dont see my Dolphins anywhere?? :wink:

    I guess it only matters at the end of the season. :smile2:
  5. Pennsylvaniacatchaser

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    The end of the Dolphin season will be game # 16!:smile2:
    Here We Go Steelers!!!:cool2:
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    What's been goin on fellas? Good to see people getting amped up about the up and coming season! Did I hear somebody say REPEAT? With Gonzalez in the slot, the Colts offense will be on point again, not like it hasn't been in years past.:wink: Good Luck to all your teams! The Pats are looking strong with their offseason pickups. (Phil you might just be able to contend this season). The Bengals have so much talent and they need to pull themselves together, if they can all get on the same page, they will be dangerous! The Chargers defense with Merriman leading the pack is a strong and intimidating squad. Chicagos' team will be good still as long as they hold on to Briggs. They might need a new QB though.LOL Take it easy fellas and I'll be seeing you all on here very soon as soon as the season starts! GO COLTS!!:cool2: