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Power Rankings:updated weekly

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Okay I'm going to post the top ten Power Rankings every week. Please post why you think these teams should or should not be in the top ten or if your team should be in the top ten and why? Power Rankings really don't mean anything as we all know because in football, anything can happen any given Sunday! Well here it is:

1.Indianapolis Colts
2.New England Patriots
3.Philadelphia Eagles
4.Cincinnati Bengals(Off to a great start!)
5.Pittsburgh Steelers
6.Tampa Bay Buccaneers
7.Atlanta Falcons
8.Jacksonville Jaguars
9.Denver Broncos(cause of the win Monday night)
10.Kansas City Chiefs
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Dallas Cowboys,

If you look at the offenses numbers this year they are looking great. Bledsoe has thrown for 800+ yards with a passer rating of 103+. he has 6 TD's and 2 picks. He has looked good all year so far. Julious Jones has averaged out to only 86yards per game, but look at his back up too Anthony Thomas aka ATrain from the bears. Their recieving corps looks great too Glenn and Johnson as the starters, then another great duo for 3rd and 4rth Crayton and Price. Their offensive line has looked good also keeping Bledsoe off his back and allowing the RB's to gain yards. Then let's not forget Jason Witten, the tight end.

Then you have their defense, yes they have given up points, but they have also been creating turnovers for the cowboys. All three games have come down to fourth quarter defensive stands that the Cowboys have played, ANd two of the three games their Defense held picking off the ball in both games allowing their offense to run out the clock.

Hate em or love em' the Cowboys are proving that if their defense steps up play just a little bit that they are a force in the NFL this year and could be looking at a division title.

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That's a good point Jim, but these power rankings are for this year,and the Patriots lost a game.
Those are very good points Brian!! I believe their offense has greatly improved this year and they have a good chance at a divisional title. I am a big fan of Keyshawn Johnson. If the secondary steps it up, they will be a force to be reckoned with! ;)
I'll do this every week also. It will be the 11th-15th ranked teams, that way we can get a feel of who's on the brink of top ten!
11.San Diego Chargers
12.Seattle SeaHawks
13.Dallas Cowboys
14.Carolina Panthers
15.Washington Redskins
ok, ryan, you knew i'd show up sooner or later :evil-big:

1. if you look at each teams record, then you have several out of place.
tampe bay and washington are undefeated...
2. if you are looking at where the team currently is, then you also have some misplaced.
the giants were undefeated before the chargers put a thumping on them. the chargers are a better team than their 1 and 2 record. they played up to their ability sunday and should be rated higher.
the steelers lost to the world champions - where is the shame in that? the bengals are not as good as their record indicates. the steelers should be ahead of them if you are judging based on #2.
if you are judging based on #1, then the colts need to be dropped behind the bengals and the redskins

i subscribe to the old saying that you are only as good as your last race (here we will substitute game for race). the last game played is the most up-to-date indicator of where each team is. :D
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Hey man, I'm pulling these Power Rankings off of ESPN's polls. I didn't make these up. I can't believe you said the colts should be behind the Redskins.LOL How could you. :sad:
my bad, lil...i figured you were smarter than the espn goofs :D
When you get down to top ten lists in the NFL...not much seperates #10 from #1. There are some new faces in the top ten. Most notably is Cincinatti. Everything seems to be going right for this team at this moment...Carson Palmer is delivering the ball...Chad Johnson is getting seperation and is actually catching the ball...and the defense...well they're just plain nasty. This team has been on the verge for several years now, and while its much too early to predict the outcome of the season...Cinci is on the right path.
I do think San Diego deserves more love than what they're getting in this particular ranking...and Pittsburgh does too. IMO, it should be NE and then Pit #'s 1 and 2....with Indy being a close #3.
I can respect those top three, and you are right, Cincinnati's defense is raw. Their secondary is killin other offenses! Phil, how can you say that Indianapolis shouldn't be in the top three? We are second in the odds in Vegas to win the Super Bowl behind your Patriots. I believe the Pats are 15:2 and the Colts are 19:2. Come on man, quit hatin on the Colts, you know secretly you are a fan. ;)
where did i say the colts didn't belong in the top 3, lil?
i think the colts are definitely a top 3 at this point.
i might even put the colts ahead of the steelers. we'll see how the dust settles with about 4 games to go in the season. it is to early to inagurate the super bowl champs yet.
the pats, colts, and steelers could all miss the playoffs....all it takes is a little letdown.....maybe losing one key player to injury
Thanks Phil. That's awful nice of you to say the Colts should be in the top 3 :) You are right about all of those three you named, we all could miss the playoffs. You never answered me about the clock issue or Rodney Harrison's injury. I still think their D will be fine.
the clock issue is happened early in the game, and the pats would merely have adjusted for it by the time the game wound down. even if not, the pats would have won in OT...they showed they could win over the steelers...the steelers showed they can lose to a better team

they defense is not going to suffer much because of harrison...those guys are very well coached, and there will not be a collapse of the D just yet

it isn't like they lost brady or that could be a problem :eek:
good point! Let's not talk about our QB's getting hurt.LOL
What would happen if we lost Peyton :eek: Our whole team would fall apart!! Who do you guys play this weekend? I think it's the Chargers, but I could be wrong?? A key matchup that I am looking forward to is KC vs. Philadelphia. I think this will be a very good game between these two teams! We go up against Tennesee and it is an important divisional game for us. I know the Titans aren't doing so well this year, but you never know what can happen. Thank god our D is playing so well this year, because our offense isn't doing so hot. The Edge has been running very good this year and all of the defenses we've gone up against have been playing the pass heavily :cursing: You should have seen the Browns.. They were dropping back eight guys in coverage every play.
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You already know!! ;)
my vikes go to atlanta...oughta be a good one

and yes, my chargers play the pats...i hate that, 'cause one of them is going to lose. i think this is going to be a real good game to watch. i look for the pats to pull it out, but the chargers could very well put a scare in them, if not win it outright...the chargers looked really good last week, and the pats are always tough...i will be biting my nails, no doubt :eek:
It seems like the Patriots have a tough next three weeks coming up :evil-big:
This week:San Diego
Next week:Atlanta
The following week: Denver

And then of course week 9:Indianapolis :0a6:
After those games it should be smooth sailing for them.
you are right about the next few weeks for the pats, Lil, thank goodness they get a breather in week 9 :D
I think the bengals and bucs are the teams to beat right now. My team the cowboys should be 3-0 right now but after that horrible loss the redskins :cursing: . I'm still not over that one. Denver is starting to look like a contender instead of a pretender. All I know is that I'm having a horrible fantasy football season. I can't keep my guys healthy. :confused:
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