Power Pro on a 6500c3

Discussion in 'Fishing Line Review' started by alton, Nov 21, 2007.

  1. alton

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    I only bank fish and need max casting distance. I fish around the dam in Alton. I use Abu 6500c3, 6500 and 7000 Pro Rockets with 12' rods. I cast 4 to 6oz weight and cut bait. I would like to spool my reels with Power Pro. Last year I tried #50 Power Pro on one of the reels and had problems with the line digging into the spool. I was thinking of trying #65 or #80 because the diameter is larger and the line may not dig in quite as bad. I would appreciate any opinions or input. Thanks
  2. GaryF

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    I've used PowerPro from 30 to 200lbs, and noticed no difference - the 200lb would dig in just as bad as a smaller line. I carry a chunk of broom handle to wrap the line around and use that to pull out any bad snags instead of just pulling directly via the reel.

  3. SSgt Fishslayer

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    hey alton i have a 6500 that i run 65lbs power pro on and have had no problems with it. i would also suggest taking along something to wrap the line around to holp pull it out of snags. you definately dont want to use your hand or even a glove. it will cut through it. and if it is digging in while you are reeling in a big fish, just try ssetting your drag a little lower and playing the fish out a little more. i also put about 25 yds of mono on my spool first as a backing material to keep the line from spinning around on the spool. just thought this might help.
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    I have my Abu 6501C3 spooled with 80lb PP & I keep a small block of wood ni my tackle bag just to avoid that. I've found that you can't stop the braid from digging in.:wink:
  5. massa_jorge

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    on my abus i use power pro. i use berkley big game for backing and then the main line goes through my slip weight and bead to a swivel, then a leader tied on the other side. of you are getting into snags or really big fish the line is going to bury on the reel, but the backing seems to help a lot with that, it just won't eliminate the problem.
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    since i only bought 150 yrd spools, i had about half of my mono still on reel for my 6500's and just took off 1/4 of the mono on my 7000. they both filled nicely, i think u r always gonna have a problem with that line digging in. I am going to start using some other line and see if i can get away from PP
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    i use power pro 65lb. on 3 of my 6500's. spool it on as tight as possible. i keep the drag just tight enough to get a solid hookset which isn't much anymore with the technology of hooks today! i adjust my drag accordingly to the the size and fight of the fish. the only time i have had it dig in is when trying to pull away from snags. i would suggest what these guy have said using something to pull with. i back mine with 40lb. berkeley big game which is my fav. all around line. braid is braid, as much as you like it. that is just a downfall to using it....goodluck...rollo
  8. Crucial

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    ... one "advantage" to zero stretch ...
    all the post's are bang on, your line is going to burry it's self from time to time, no matter what you do.

    Another possible alternative is using the braid to fill the spool and then use a "top shot" of premium mono/Fluoro. This will give the fishing/casting characteristics of the mono with the added line capacity of the braid backing.

    Sgt. Fishslayer has offered factual advice in securing any braid to the spool. You have to tie mono to the spool and then the braid to the mono. This prevents the braid from slipping or spinning on a stationary spool. Another "advantage" to zero stretch:roll_eyes: is it won't "grip" the spool line mono will.
  9. kscathunter

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    one other thing that helps is to make shure you always have tention on your line whenever you reel in. i make it a habit to pinch my line with my fingers while i reel in when needed.
  10. foodsaver

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    I have had that same problem with power pro and it seems like thats just the price of using it! I still won't use anything else. I figure I may only get one shot at a hundred pound plus fish so I want to be connected to it with line as heavy as I can stand!
  11. Dadoftwo

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    I had the same problems of it digging in on my bass rigs and did not put it on my cat equipment. I like the line but hate the digging in periods.
  12. catfeveriowa

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    You can also secure braided line to your spool using electrial tape. Take about a inch an half of tape and slice it down the center a little less than half way. After tying the knot on, take unslice end to the back side of knot and wrapping tape around spool you will come to your line and the slice part of the tape just finish going around. I like this way better than another knot imho.
  13. CJ21

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    I order a Abu 6500C3 and I will be spooling it with 20lb mono, I also have a Abu 6000 and its spool with 20lb mono. I am not a fan of braided line the cost is what keep me away from it.
  14. Douglas Foster

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    I run 50 lb. PP on a lot of my reels. The secret is as stated before-spool it up with tension! I put mono on the bottom until the spool is about half full, then I fill the rest with Power Pro. I wear a glove and reel it on as tight as I can. The only time it digs in is if I backlash. The first time I backlashed with PP, I thought it was such a mess that I ended up cutting it out, wasted a whole spool. Then I read somewhere that when braid backlashes, it basically ties itself into a bunch of half hitch knots. The next time I lost my ability to cast, I just started undoing the half hitches and pulling the dug in part out and VIOLA!-backlash is out with no line cutting.
    Braid is good stuff, no stretch, and comes in a diameter that allows for heavy test weight. BUT, please be careful when handling it! It will cut you fast and deep if you pull it against your skin. The broom handle/stick advice is spot on also. I imagine you could warp a spool shaft if you pulled hard enough.
    Good luck and catch lots of fish. Doug