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    This is a informal Thank You to all who attended and made the first south east Iowa Powerhouse river Bash a great success.Andy is working on the official ....I know I am gonna ferget something(LOL) so dont bee puttin me under the scope here(LOL)The acomodations were very primitive and the fishing was tough due to the flooding but that dont stop us river rats from makin the most of it anyway.......oh it was giong on and a good time definatly was to be had-man did I have a blast ....Alot of good folks there & I am bout speechless........We Rocked the riverfront with one good time.
    We are already thinking we want to do it again so keep it in mind NEXT YEAR-Bigger & Better we gotta knock the cook off his thrown his head is gonna burst from the swelling(LOL)
    Susan you sent us alot of batter and It was your birthday...plus you was hitching up to my brother way out there in cowboy land.....wish you could of been here thank you.......
    Fat girl your tater salad was the bomb and Pam-Sherry & DayHoo slaw was exelent......Big thanks to yous
    Eric you not only cook a mean mess of fish you can catch em too...you gotta come next year now so someone can dee thrown you befor your head burst(LOL)If it aint already(LOL)
    Coyote and Raven you come along way and we thank you for all you did .............realy Appreciate it!
    There is a couple onrey ole dudes think I am crazy but I can see we was gettin long prety well (LOL) you all recogicnse do ya:wink:It was great hangin with ya two wildmen....love to do it again.....Awsome !
    Next time that quiet gut next to me on bank is giong for a swim if he catches em all again:smile2:Thanks fer coming it was a pleasure fishin the bank with ya.I think you have my net:confused2:
    Justwanna(BOB) you gotta get with me sometime so we can wet some lines when you cant keep two poles in the water:wink:Oh and get the bait out of your truck buddy it stinks(LOL)
    Scobee's -Owners of Alexandria Bait & More...Loved your company and hangin with you all .Big thank you for hanging the sighn on the door and coming up to hang out with all of us....You brought some good gear and got in my empty wallet(LOL)THANK YOU !
    IOWA-DNR.....I think that its way cool you took time to come to our function & educate us . We realy appreciate it !
    I am not thanking My buddy Kevin-everytime we get togather somethin is gonna happen-it was Cujo gar and one hell of a Lake Sturgeaon....Love you bro. it dont get no better than that....I am recruiting you again I need the moral support and wild times with you...."YEAH!"
    Andy Youd best be pattin yourself on the back.....you can see farther then me maybe I am gonna have to goto light beer.....it wouldnt of happenes without you......You pulled it off and it was a great sucess!
    Anyone who helped in general or supplied a doorprize-like Sonny & G &S dip.......party headquarters.......THANK YOU ALL!
    I started the weekend last thursday and ended it today ....talk bout circumstances beyond my control...beer fueled WHAT A WEEKEND!? WEEK (LOL)
    We even had a couple new sighn ons too....thats way cool....
    I didnt get alot of pictures and I wish I did but its all good it was a weekend that will never be forgotten and I had a blast...........Oh and I cannot forget Paul and Staff because without this site we couldnt of did it.....There is no better people in the world then Catfishers (some are lill crazy too!LOL)..........WOW ....Its gonna be a minute befor the rush stops-I had one hell of a good time THANK YOU ALL! BIG THANK YOU ALL FOR MAKING IT HAPPEN!

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    I wasn't there but it souded like a blast! glad you all had a great time..... and Kenny it sounds like you and me have about the same reputation with the beer and crazyness:smile2::smile2:

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    It does sound like you had a great time with great folks!!!

    Just a little plug, we are planning a Central Iowa Gathering as well September 5-7 if anyone is interested! Check out the registration thread in the Iowa Rivers section!!!
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    Now Kenny you can't be talking about M.J and myself as two crazy people could you?We were both as quite as a church mouse.so it can't be us. Anyway good to finally meet you in person.Really looking forward to next year (Lord Willing ) and hopefully the river will be a bit calmer. Great see everyone and boy was the food great.Next year will be better for sure. And yes Andy,Christine and everyone else it was good to see you also. I'm just awful in remembering names.