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    HOCO, Maryland
    Since they don't have the MD section (understandable since like noone but me posted in it, which pissed me off but thats another issue) im posting my Potomac question here to see if anyone can help.

    where are the blues right now? im heading down to the potomac (either Fletchers boat house, or down further by the woody wilson bridge) hopefully this weekend but maybe not till mid sept. W/ some friends to go for blues from the bank... I want to see them catch something, hopefully alot and I want to catch my PB Blue (anything over 6#) if any of you guys can help, i'd appreciate it. also what are you catching them on and rigs if you can. THANKS
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    Photocat..Not many bank accessable places there that I know of. On the Va side, if you go to the second pulloff on the Geo. Washington Pkw, above Mt. Vernon there is usually good fishing there.It's really very shallow there and the best time is usually on the incoming tide. I have caught blues there up to 8#, on clam snouts. Sometimes squid work well as do cut and live gills/perch. There was an old pier under and north of the W W bridge that offered good fishing. The new construction may have ruined it.

    I heard that there was an access near Ft. Wash. on the Md side, but never went over there.

    I mainly fished from a boat so I didn't learn many bank spots.

    I used a no-roll sinker,and a 4/0 or larger kahle hook on a swivel (carolina rig), but if the grass is in there, a dropsinker rig might work better.

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    I've fished the potomac river for about 8 years and all I've ever done is fish from the bank.Where I fish mostly is in the Quantico Marine base in Virginia and inside Quantico there are some excellent fishing spots. My #1 favorite spot is an old pier. There are some days that I will catch 40+ blues.All of them averaging 5-10 pounds. One of the bad things about fishing in Quantico is that there is a lot of seaweed.Also to get in you have to show a ID to get past the gate

    Some of the rigs I use are a 15 foot surf rod with a Daiwa jupiter reel , this rig is good for getting the bait to the middle of the river . Some of the other rigs I use are a abu garcia ambasadeur 5000 with a cheap spincast rod and a 8 foot berkley reflex rod with a old spinnig reel.