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    Hello. I'm new to the area and over the weekend took my kids to Whites Ferry just to check it out. Looks like a really good place to take a couple of small kids to do some worm and bobber fishing. THey are under 12 so they are free but I guess I'll have to get a VA license. Will a VA license allow me to fish on the MD side? Also have questions about boating. Anyone know what the depth is at Whites Ferry or where I can get maps for water depth. Also are there speed restrictions for boats?

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    welcome to the board. There are lots of good folks here ready to provide advice and tips.

    Whites ferry is not a bad area at all. Try to find holes around the rocks, and slip a worm or cut bait into the holes and watch out. You can use a va license on either side, though Maryland regs are to be followed.

    I would not put much of a boat into that area since it is pretty shallow and rocky. Maybe a jon boat at best. Good luck.

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    I found a water depth map of the entire potomac at Boaters World. Cost around $9..... waterproof too.