Potomac River Spawn season

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    Remember to handle the big cats easy and get them back into the water asap. We are right at the start of the spwan and we need to lett them do their spwaning to help keep this river going. Remember blue do not spwan until they are around 15 lbs or so we need to look out for the bigger fish if we are to enjoy all this fun for years to come.

    The bigger fish spwan first this is why we have seen the bigger numbers drop off we are now see load of low teen's to 20's but they will be back on the bite in a few weeks. Thanks guys
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    I noticed on one of the blue cats that we caught on Monday that the fish had two larg knots on its head. Ive only seen this on larger channel cats when they are spawning never on a blue. But appearantly blues get them as well and this fish was ready for some lovin'.