Potomac River Report Sep 14, 2009

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    Spring Run, PA
    With the cooler temps of late I was hoping for a good bite so I launched out of Leesylvania SP at daylight. Got bait quickly and ran for some deeper water, avoiding the bouys from crab pots and trotlines on the way out. The water was like glass with no wind, water temp was 71 degrees. I anchored at 30 ft on a break that dropped to 65 feet and deployed three lines, one in the deep water, one directly behind the boat and one on the shallow flat. In three hours fishing, I boated 9 fish: 40, 39, 35, 29, 25, 23, 22, 19, and 18 lbs. Most of the fish came from the deeper water but the largest two came from the shallow flat. Tide: last three hours of outgoing...not strong but steady flow.

    When I was leaving the dock I noticed a commercial boat attending the minefield of bouys just outside the no wake zone. I pulled up along side and asked what they were fishing for and what equipment they were deploying. They stated they were after crabs and used pots and trot lines. They were very friendly and took the time to explain their techniques to me. I expressed my concern about the trot lines and they assured me that they were hookless and that they were not after fish of any kind. We exchaged greetings and I left them to their work. Overall it was an informative encounter and a great day to be on the water.

    Tight lines to all.
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    I look at a crab thread and the Maryland Boys are all about trotlines for crabs. The crab will grab the bait and hang on as you work your way down the line netting the crabs off the baits. Pretty cool. Read about it but never saw it being done.

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    Halifax county

    Great post Bomberman, I will be glad when I can get back on them, looks like it's always something keeping me from the water.
    Best of luck and tight lines
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    Thanks for the report Bomberman!! Congrats on the nice fish also!!

    I've been wondering what you found out about all the buoys you saw on your last report, glad it turned out to be the crabbers!!!!!:eek:oooh:
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    Dang that was a pretty darn good 3 hours of fishing!! I didnt realize the potomac was loaded with blue cats. What kinda bait were you using? Do a lot of people fish for cats on the Potomac?