Potomac River Report June 29, 2009

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    Spring Run, PA
    Launched out of Leesylvania at 6:00 a.m. and made a quick run for bait. After a 10 minute soak, I had 6 nice cutters in the live well. Headed for some deeper water and found a hole that went to 65 feet so I anchored and deployed three lines: two casting outfits in rod holders and one spinning outfit that I held in my hand.

    I had a little activity on one of the casting outfits so I laid the spinning rod down. I had no more than taken my hand from the rod when it went flying straight out of the boat and into the deep water. I sat there, dumbfounded (a normal state for me most of the time :confused2:), trying to figure out a way to retreive the rod when the casting rod doubles over. I set the hook into what seems like a nice fish. As the line nears the boat I see the tip of the spinning rod break the surface. I grabbed it and pulled it aboard. The line from the spinning rod had tangled on the swivel of the casting rod. I untangled the lines and felt a surge on the spinning rod. A bit of a fight later I landed a 15 lb Blue Cat. Needless to say I was very happy to have the rod back. (Looking back, I should have gone out right away and bought a lottery ticket. What are the chances of that happening again? :eek:oooh:)

    I had a few other bites but no hook-ups...I figured they were Gar bites.

    All-in-all a nice day on the water until a water-skier with loud music decided my quiet stretch of water would be his playground...oh well! :angry:

    Water temp: 78 degrees
    Clarity: about 2 feet
    Tide: last two hours of outgoing and first two of incoming.
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    Lynchburg, VA
    Thanks for the report Chuck. I hope they pick back up soon.

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    Great Read,,,Glad you were able to get the rod back!
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    Thanks for another outstanding fishing report, Chuck. You couldn't have picked a more beautiful day to be out on the water!
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