Potomac River Report Feb 16, 2009

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    Spring Run, PA
    Launched out of Leesylvania with the air temps just above freezing and the water temp at 40.5 degrees. I decided today was the day that I would learn to use the gill net...I'm tired of getting wet using the cast net. I set up the first soak in fairly shallow water (5 feet) on a mud flat where I've taken shad before. After a 30 min soak it yelded nothing. Rats! Ran to a little deeper water (12 feet) where I marked several fish on the electronics and deployed the net. After a 35 min. soak I had two cutters in the boat...success! I deployed it again nearby and waited another 30 mins. This time I had four nice cutters...yeah!

    That's enough bait for me so I ran down river to Aquia Creek for cats. The wind made it very difficult to stay anchored where I wanted but managed two cats: one 17 lb and one less than 10 lb. It was a rough ride back with the wind coming straight down river and the tide coming in. White caps everywhere.

    Not a lot of fish in the boat but having success with the gill net made this trip worthwhile.
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    Thanks for the great fishing report, Chuck!