Potomac River report 11/14

Discussion in 'VIRGINIA RIVERS TALK' started by critter68, Nov 15, 2009.

  1. critter68

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    Alexandria, Virginia
    Pretty good day yesterday! Shad was HARD to get. Set the net 5 times and only managed 3 cutters and a bunch of catfish. Decided to give up and to throw the castnet at Fort Washington. Got lots of white perch, ring perch and crappies. My friend Bruce came up from Richmond and met me at Pohick Bay park at 630. Tried to fish around the barges first - no takers there so we went up the high bank and started catching fish. Only a few in the teens there so we went to Ft Washington marina to try to catch more bait. Got more perch and one nice size carp. Went up to the Wilson bridge and tried a few spots catching fish at every spot. Ended the day at the Ft Washington lighthouse in a back eddy. Fishfinder showed fish stacked like firewood. After about 15 minutes, Bubba finally hit. I told Bruce this was the one we were waiting for. Just the way he buried the rod, I knew. When we finally played him to the boat, I decided we actually needed to weigh this one on a good scale. When the scale stopped it read 52.8 pounds! Final tally for the day - several in the teens, a couple in the 20's, 33, 36 and 52.8 - not his PB, but his biggest of the year and he fishes the James a lot. Also got my anchor hung up so badly that I couldn't get it up. The top of it must have gotten under something because the zip tie didn't break. Almost pulled the bow of my boat under water trying to free it! Finally just had to cut it loose. Too bad, it was a good anchor. Bruce has some good pics of Bubba, maybe he can post them soon.
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    Sounds like a good day despite the loss of an anchor. Congrats on putting you buddy on a good fish.

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    Great day of fishing
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    Nice report Critter! Glad you and Bruce got on the fish!

    Smart move cutting that anchor line. Not worth risking damage to the boat or losing the boat altogether.