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    I know there is alot of BOC members that has joined in on here in the last month or so. And I would like to see many more as well and I work everyday to see that more people know about the BOC and acats. This weekend we will be holding the maryland catfish shootout a two day acats tournament. We would also like to see boc members show up to be apart of this as well. If you dont fish thats Ok we will have the weigh-in on saturday around 2:30 pm and awards to be given for the 2006 season. after that we will have a cookout for all to be apart of meet acats and boc members or just talk catfishing and enjoy some food. anyone wishing to help out with food or drinks or just visit with us if you would contact me asap so we can get somekind of count. I look forward to seeing many new faces this weekend and who knows you just may find something you would like to be apart of next season.
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    Going to try and stop by. Sounds like some good fun.


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    Day 1 of the shootout was windy and cool but it seems that the cats are ready to feed . All 13 team have turned in 5 fish each on day 1 and it again was something to see with 18 fish over 30 lbs and 4 over 40 lbs. The biggest fish for day 1 was 44.15 lbs

    Teams and weight of 5 fish
    Tim Trigger / John Alexander 152.95
    Lonnie Coates / John Halsey 71.80
    Preston Ferguson / Bryan Sirotkin 10.80
    Marty Scott / Sabin Rausch 11.40
    Josh Fitchett / James Fields 174.95
    Mark Graves / Richard Pippin 156.90
    Oran Shea / Clifton Jenkins 79.15
    Eric Remain / Gene Mumma 97.00
    Jimmy Atkins / Steve Anthony 189.20
    Dean Irwin / Larry Taylor 171.50
    Robert Fenter / Richard Mills 120.70
    Willy Ernstes / Mike Shears 113.65
    Gary Lawhorn / Doug Johnson 143.65

    I will post pic on my web site monday they are on acats site now I will get them out here as well

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    Maryland Catfish Shootout last weekend was the first of what will become a very big tournament for maryland in the years to come. Smallwood state park has a great setup for holding tournament as the host the Bass masters and FLW tournament trails there as well. After the show that all the maryland ACATS members put on last weekend we willl become a part of the trail as well.
    on saturday with two bass tournament weighing in one on each side of the acats stage site and at the same time. All eyes was on the ACATS show an Pictures was being taken and eyes was popping as team after team came to have their catch of the day weighed- in. fish after fish well over 20 lbs was put on the scales. This tournament saw 13 team start out at 7am saturday morning in cold and windy air temps of around 30 .
    By the time they was ready to head to the weigh-ib winds had pick up to around 20 to 25 MPH. But like clock work just around 2:30 boats was pulling up to the dock. Soon the show was started and catfish started to come out of ever boat that pulled up. In all saturday 65 fish 5 per team was weighed in 25 fish over 20 lbs, 18 fish over 30 lbs and 4 fish over 40 lbs. Big fish for day one went to the team of Jimmy Atkins and Steve Anthony
    with and blue cat of 44.15 lbs and a 5 fish total weight of 189.20 lbs.
    Day two saw the air temps to be around 30 but the winds had droped down to around 5 MPH. Only 12 team would start sundays tournament. As more and more people stoped by the weigh-in site to ask about what had went on at saturdays weigh-in. I wasnt hard to see that the word had gotten out. By 2:30 the teams had began to show up again. Once again all sees was on the stage and they got to see evenbigger fish then before. On sunday 31 big blues would be weighed in by 8 teams 4 other team had fish but was out of the running and was very happy just to watch the show. as 12 fish over 20 lbs, 17 over 30 lbs and the new maryland ACATS tournament record fish of 50.20 lbs. This was not only the biggest fish to ever be weighed in at a maryland tournament but also the biggest one day 5 fish total weight to ever hit the scales at any ACATS tournament. Jimmy Atkins and his partner Steve Anthony once again had to catch of the day. wiWith their fish be weighed at 31.15, 32.60, 37.20, 39.60 and the big fish of 50.20 lbs givening them a total wieght of 190.75 lbs and a two day total weight of 379.95 lbs for ten fish . In all 96 fish was weighed in at 2448.90 lbs gineing them a avg weigth of just over 25.50 lbs per fish. One can only think of what the numbers would have been if the other 4 teams would have weighed in their fish as well. This only goes to show that the waters of the Potomac river is the best bluecat fishing spot going today. Thanks to the great guys who fished and to all who helped this season next year looks to be one outstanding tournament trail.

    Team Members day 1 day 2 total
    1 Tim Trigger & John Alexander 152.95 -DNW -152.95
    2 Lonnie Coates & John Halsey 71.80- 62.80 -134.60
    3 Preston Ferguson & Bryan Sirotkin 10.80 -58.95- 69.75
    4 Marty Scott & Sabin Rausch 11.40 -BT -11.40
    5 Josh Fitchett & James Fields 174.95- 139.55 -314.50 -
    6 Mark Graves & Richard Pippin 156.90 -173.35 -330.25
    7 Oran Shea & Clifton Jenkins 79.15 -DNW -79.15
    8 Eric Remain & Genne Mumma 97.00 -48.75- 145.75
    9 Jimmy Atkins & Steve Anthony 189.20 -190.75 -379.95
    10 Dean Irwin & Larry Taylor 171.50 -114.15 -285.65
    11Robert fenter & Richard Mills 120.70 -177.60 -298.30
    12Willy Ernstes & Mike Shears 113.65 -DNW -113.65
    13Gary Lawhorn & Doug Johnson 143.65 -DNW -143.65