Potomac River June 6 report

Discussion in 'MARYLAND RIVER TALK' started by Bob R, Jun 7, 2007.

  1. Bob R

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    Woodbridge, VA
    Fished for 10 hours yesterday. The wind was terrible and had the river almost unfishable from about 1pm untill about 7pm. tried a few spots but couldnt get the boat to settle down enought to fish properly. Went to belvoir to get out of the wind and fished the deep hole for a hour or two with only one fish. Around 8 the winds died the tied started coming in and the fishing picked up pretty good. Fishing the main river channel ledge we caught numerous blues around 10lbs. No big boys they must still be up the creeks spawning. We did catch one male blue that had his belly and fin skinned up from fanning the bed. It was out in deep channel water so he must have just came off the bed. Hopefully that means the spawn is ending. Used cut and whole white perch for bait.
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    Appreciate the report Bob. Seems that the spawn is winding down like u said. I knew the males would hang out and guard the nest but I assumed the females would lay their eggs and leave to deeper water. Anyone have any ideas if the females hang out at the nest like the males?