Potomac 3/6

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    I had the chance to go today so I did. At times I felt like I made the wrong choice again with the winds in the afternoon. I managed 3 decent shad and 2 white perch. The one bait I decided to use live was a storebought 6" shiner minnow that had been released some time ago. After really battling to get a good set-up, I settled in around 3:00pm on some nice sized arches in 28ft water. Time was running out when I got that bite I was looking for. That shiner did it and I knew it was bubba. After about 2 minutes the fish was getting close to the surface when it spit the minnow, hook and all. All scales were gone and shiner was still kicking with that Daiichi 7/0 through the backbone near the tail. I managed one 5lb Channel Cat about 45 minutes before the good hit. It was still good to be out of the house and on the water. Later for now---jonnycat