Potentialy damaged abu 7000B?

Discussion in 'Fishing Reel Review' started by Matth2083, May 31, 2007.

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    Hey guys, I just ordered a abu 7000B from rogerssportinggoods.com, they had the best deal that I could find at the time only charging 69.99. When I got the reel, the package was about destroyed, the top of the box was barely being held together by a small stretch of tape. By beef is not necessarily with rogers, the packaging could have been done better, but oh well, im pretty sure they are a small company. This is my first abu so im new to the brand and baitcasting reels in general.

    So after closing analyzing my new reel, I noticed the handle is slightly bent inward. As I adjust the drag the handle moves inward and outward, i can tell there is a small "W" shaped clamp inbetween the star drag and the handle, thus the back and forth motion seems only logical.

    I just got the reel today and have already lined it up and it appears to work fine. I just want to make sure that that bent handle is normal due to the abu's drag system. Im gonna take the reel to the river tomorrow and start my practice during the day to make sure im prepared for night fishing with the new reel, but I guess I wont find out if there is a problem until I land a fish and see how she handles. I always seem to get helpful replies to my posts and I know how highly reccomended the abu 7000 has come so.... Thanks guys.
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    The handle is NOT supposed to be bent! I ordered one of 9000BG from the same place, and the packaging was fine and the reel intact. I'd call Rogers Sporting Goods and tell them what happened to your shippment and see if they had it insured and can replace it. They have no controll of how it's handled after it's been shipped.

    About the only thing I can see that could have been damaged is the handle, wich get bent alot in rough handling, but still work but might rub the drag star and make it harder to turn. Unless the end plates are scratched and dented, or the reel foot bent, then I'll bet the rest of the reel is fine.

    Now, if you want, for about 10.00 you can take out the spool bushings and replace them with bearings, and you'll have a green 7000C3.

    Let me know what Rogers says if you call them. It was the first time I ordered from them and was very satisfied with the transaction so far. I'm curious about the customer service.