Post your most memerable catfishing moment

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  1. My best moment catfishing was a few years back when I took my two girls out catfishing. It was late August and just had gotten a few Thunder storms. After they passed thru, we put the boat in and headed for a deep spot in my stretch, about 12 ft., right next to a rocky point. Water was up and muddy. We anchored up, and started dropping livers almost directly under the boat. Keep in mind this is around 2:00 in the afternoon. Let me tell you something guys, I never had a catfish blitz like this in my life. We nailed around 10 24"+/- catfish one after the other. I couldn't keep up with rebaiting the girls lines before they had another one on. This went on for about 20 minutes. We were all freaking out like we hit a pod of hungry catfish. I started putting them on a stringer to get pictures when we were done. We were screaming and yelling and having so much fun, and I was so happy to have given these two the opportunity to experience something like this at thier age. Finally, the bite died off and as I wen to pull the stringer up to take pictures, well, you know, clumbsy Dad drops the line and the whole group of fish swims off! And I never heard the end of it from those two! The fish were ok, they weren't on a clip style stringer. I saw the rope pull out of the ring and I am sure those guys got off that stringer. I will never forget that day.
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    This was when my youngest son Adam was about 10. We were on the Mo river. My wife his older brother and me. Fishing was kind of slow that day and he was eating some ritze crackers with peanut butter on them when his pole was trying to go over the side of the boat. He threw that hand full of crackers in his brothers face and the fight was on. After what he thought was a long battle and hollering at me to get the net. We landed a 10 1/2 lb blue cat. He was so shook up he just sat down in the boat and was shaking like a leaf. Something I will never forget.


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    I was 10 or 11 years old and my dad had took me out on the lake before daylight. We were fishing for cats of course. The morning was pretty slow, then about an hour or so after day break we decided to make a move. I picked up my first pole, dad its hung up I said, so he takes my pole and pulls on it and it started pulling back. lol he said you got a fish on here and gave the pole back to me. I fought with it it for a while and finally got it to the boat. 13lbs my pb. We decided to stick around for awhile longer then. So we got my pole baited back up and out. I then picked up another pole and it felt hung. I gave it a few tugs, and low and behold it tugged back. Got it in and it was a 14lber. another pb. To this day I havent caught another cat that big. Im 25 now. Dad was getting older and he didnt get out to fish like he did then and we didnt fish much. I won 10000 bucks 2 years ago at a casino and bought me a 20ft fish and ski boat and now I am back fishing alot. Dad goes with me some and we have alot of good times. We cant seem to catch any bigguns but I enjoy the time we spend togather on the lake. I hope to get both of us a new PB this year. Ive learned a ton from this website and all the good people on it the last year or so that ive been a member. I hope to put all the logic from here to good use! This is my most memerable time on the water. Hope to make many more too.
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    I would have to say that mine was last year when I took my buddy out on his B-day. He worked about 12 hrs. and was tired but he still wen't with me. I told him he could take a nap on the bank. Around 1:30 am I get a slow run on one of my rods. I picked it up and set the hook. I got about half way up and the rod just stopped. I knew it was a nice fish at that moment.
    I start tring to wake up my buddy that was sleeping. I was fighting this Flathead for about 5 min. (it was way out) before My buddy finally got up and took the rod. He was argueing with me telling me to just take it, he was tired. I will never forget his face after I handed him the rod. My buddy only goes fiahing about 5 times a year so he dosen't get to catch alot of big fish. His knees buckled and he almost got pulled in :smile2:. After about 10 min. he got it close enough for me to snatch up. It was #45. He has a better Pb than I do and he has only caught about 4 Flatheads:confused2:. Granite he uses my gear and doesn't help catch bait, and I usually cast for him. But it is still fun to be around people that don't get the oppertunity to fish alot and hook up with a nice one.
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    Mine would have to be goin out with Lenny on his boat and having a total channel cat slaughterfest:wink:
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    I have plenty of catfishing memories here at home in the USA, but one of the most memorable in 2002 when visited Vietnam.

    The Mekong River was literally in my aunt's backyard. I asked them if there were fish in the river and they said yes, there were small catfish known as the Asian Walking Catfish. Even in southeast Asia, these fish were not seen as tablefare because the like to eat dead bodies and animal poop:eek:oooh:. People were disgusted by their nasty habits.

    On with the story, I wanted to catch of these suckas to see what they were like and to say I caught catfish on 2 continents:wink:. No one within miles had a real fishing rod none the less selling one. Dudes back there use cane poles only:crazy:. I got desperate to the point i would have to settle for the good ole fishing line and a Coke can as my rod and reel.

    I bought some equivalent to 300lb braid from a necklace maker, got some nuts and bolts for weights, and some large hooks (7/O) from some local longliners, and lastly shrimp that I left out in 90 degree tropical jungle heat for a day and I was ready to go.

    I went out to the river and chucked my rig as far as I could get it. Waited for 10 minutes and got a bite. Because of the large hooks and the catfish's smaller mouth, I wasn't getting any hook penetration. It happened over and over again until I finally decided to just stick a very small piece of bait on the point of the hook. Low and behold, one od them greedy little fellas fell for it and fish on! I yanked my line while wrapping it around my Coke can and it came to the bank. Ugly thing, looked like a mix between an bullhead and eel. Proceed to catch about 100 more in the next 2 weeks.

    Next time I'm going to Vietnam, I'm bring a fishing rod and some chicken livers!:smile2::cool2:
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    Great story Tan.

    Mine would have to be my first flathead. I was fishing from the bank where a creek runs into the river. There were large boulders underneath and then big chunks or rip-rap and river rock where I was standing. I had forgot to get fresh batteries for my headlamp and they went dead about 2 hours into the night. Luckily there was a 1/4 moon and it was clear or I would have been in trouble. I got a good run on my channel rod and had just set the hook when my flathead rod started runnin. I freespooled the channel and set the hook on the flat. Between the flat pullin and the rocks shifting all the time, it was a really good battle but I had my first flathead, a 24 pounder, on only the second night targeting them.

    My most memorable EVER though was ice fishing a paylake when I was about 5 or 6 years old with my dad. It was the first time I'd ever gone ice fishing and Im pretty sure at that age you dont realize that your standing over WATER. We were catching a good number of fish for a while so I was pretty interested. After a while though, the fishing got boring and I started getting ancy. Needless to say I ended up going through the ice into about 4 feet of water. My dad lanked me outta the water and left all his fishin stuff there and I rode home in my skivvies. I got dry clothes on and my dad said that I just insisted on goin back out. You can bet that I was stayin REAL close to daddy dearest after that.:wink: He says that was the moment where he knew I was goin to be a fisherman for life.
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    this is tough, it seems like every trip is memorable in some way, watching my daughter catch her first sunny and dropping her pole on the ground was one of those moments, fishing in quebec with the father-in-law for pike and bass was very memorable, taking a two week fishing trip in florida with the father-in-law was also awesome. and if i can get into some 40# flatty's this year that would be very memorable:wink:
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    Read the title Lenny. Most memerable CATFISHING moment.:wink::smile2:
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    When we tipped the canoe at 3:30 AM Flatheadin' on the Wabash.
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    August of 2004...

    A coworker (Glenn) and I decided to try out the nearby alleghany for catfish. Now neither glenn or I had any real idea where a good spot was and when you ask people you always get beseiged with answers. Glenn is not too much of a fishermen and gets his license that year more or less cuz he lives in prime catfishing territory North of Pittsburg and I keep pestering him to tell him How fun fishing is. anyway, we eventually decide to try a little road not far from where we both work Near a little town called parker.

    We totally did the newby thing, went into a tackle store and bought all the 'catfish' bait stuff the clerk told us 'bout. meaning we had the smelly stuff; livers; worms; 3X treble hooks:tounge_out: and really big sinkers...(and of course mostly el'cheapo rods/reels with 6#line; while I had one rod with some stiffer stuff; 20#test and an old baitcaster that couldn't cast, but could prolly drag in a small tree:smile2:).

    the road was terrible and I was nearly biting my fingernails worried about getting stuck in my little midsized sedan... but the river looks good. Quite good, actually; it was the confluence of a midsized river (clarion) and the alleghany... and contained one very deep hole (on the the clarion side) that brook into a lot of shallower flat boulders, then passed under a RR bridge to the actually confluence. We set up on the clarion. and within one hour I had already had some success; a 19"ish channel sleak and active in the last gleam of sunset...

    so not much is happening (except a little campfire) and after a bit we see some Tstorms off in the distance. that makes us a little nervous, when my small rod doubles over like it caught a passing tree. I reach for it, and it slows down, and stalls out; it doesn't feel shaky and I'm truly wondering if I have a fish or something else:tounge_out::tounge_out:. then the OTHER rod doubles over. No being a greedy friend I spose' I hand off the apparently lifeless pull over to my coworker and reach for bigger rod...

    now BOTH rods are going crazy and I'm MOST definitely onto a fish. we are figuring the one fish dragged the other rod into a snag or something wierd like that:tounge_out:. Glenn is just kind of hanging on, so the little rod doesn't go in the drink... then after a mighty battle, it stops... DANG IT! now IT is stuck!!! "wait", I say to glenn "I'm going to go get it- its not too far out. keeping tension I hang on the rod and creep out into the river. not 4-5 feet out both rods explode into a wild run and I nearly fall into the river...

    now half battling a fish, half swimming, half being like "GLENN quite laughing and HELP" I regain my footing and after a little bit of a fight bring it in.

    turns out the fish had grabbed the baits off both poles and was hooked twice. Chicken LIVER and nightcrawlers (for the record). the darn thing wasn't all that big but it was heavy and ugly and it looked like it was beaten with a shovel
    (at the time I didn't know what a flathead was)... it had taken two rods and two friends to bring in.

    unfortunately I had neither a scale nor a ruler. guestimating from old memories and current photos, I give it 15#.

    Shortly after we had a few more bites. Glenn had at least 1 if not 2... but the 6# line just wasn't enough for these brutes and they managed to snap us off. Glenn and I fished several few more times that year (and next) and was really motivated to catch him one of those fish. Unfortunately it never happened.

    the specific spot we fished from was posted due to neighborhood beer drinking binges...and although Glenn courteously asked for permission the landowner said NO, it wasn't a personal thing; he had enough of beer bottles and felt if someone was let in, the whole problem would begin again.

    Glenn is in texas now and had (last time we spoke) lost his zest for fishing (he's into bowling and fast cars)... I have caught only 1 5# flat since then and a handful of really small 1-2# flats (during a rainstorm).
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    :0a33: :0a14:
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    it sucks losing a fishing buddy...good story though.
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    My uncle, who taught me how to hunt and fish, took several of us kids out for a weekend of fishing. On our second day in the heat and sitting on the bank of the river fishing we were all getting pretty uncle would say when you are on the river you wash in the river..on the second day, while sitting on the river bank, my uncle was sitting in his lawn chair waiting on my aunt to bring him a sandwich..then all of a sudden his pole went down and after about 5 minutes we netted a 10 pound channel cat..watched as my uncle removed the hook and put the fish in the fish box we kept in the water to store anything we uncle washed the blood and fish slime off his hands in the river and dried them by wiping them on the butt area of his jeans..after a couple minutes of listening to him brag about the fish he just caught he yelled at my aunt..Woman..where in the heck is that sandwich? I will never forget the look on his face when my aunt yelled back. I put it on your chair! My uncle leans to one side and pulls out this smashed sandwich and without a thought started eating it! We were all gaging and laughing but he ate the whole sandwich.. I will never forget that day or my uncle.
  15. Ha!:smile2: That's a funny good story Dave! Thanks!
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    old as i am ive got a lot of memories stored in my head but one that sticks out that yall might enjoy happened when i was in my uncle james and i caught a nice bucket of chub minners and took them down to a place we call the bluff hole on the ouachita river.we were fishing for flat head cats and we had a couple small ones when i got a bite and i thought it was a good one.i set the hook and missed it so as we had plenty of bait i was winding in to rebait when a fish grabed my was nere the surface so i told unk it was probably a gar.i set the hook and derned if i didnt hook it.when i got it into the light i said omg its a big small mouth.i pulled it in close and stuck my thumb in its mouth and the screaming began.i had stuck my thumb in an eight lb.waleyes mouth.unk ended up taking his pocket knife and prying the fish's mouth open so i could get my thumb back.a fish never tasted so good.
  17. Ouch!:crazy:
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    My best memory happened on Lake Tawakoni about 15 years ago.
    There is a concrete wind break about 300 yds. long, the locals call the slab. At one time they was going to put a marina there but , the plans fell thru they poured the slab and thru the years it collapsed into the water.
    The catfish come in to spawn in the spring and believe me you can catch a lot there.
    My friend wanted to go fishing in his pontoon boat so , we loaded up and went there.
    We was the only boat there and I was watching a kid about 16 or 17 wade fishing.
    I seen him go under and not surface I yelled at my friend we took off . As we were going I took my billfold out and put on a lifejacket.
    We got close and I jumped off and made the mistake of grabbing him .
    Now both of us is under water . I got my feet somehow up to his chest and kicked, he popped up and I popped up .
    By this time with all of the commotion another boat pulled up. My friend got him on board and all I could do was hang on to the other boat , I was beat !!!!!!!!!!!
    This kids, mother was on bank hollering and screaming.He went to the hospital and everything checked O.K.
    It took me about a week to get over this.
    The kid had one of these non-floating fishbaskets tied to his jeans an when he slipped off of the concrete the basket hung up keeping him underwater.
    I have lived on this lake 37 years and there have been several drownings there.
    I guess the good Lord put me there at right time and the right place.
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    I've had quite a few over the years so far. From having a deer swim across the river yanking my lines, to having a water moccasin trying to get in my boat, to getting involved with the warriors fishing trips. But the one that sticks out the most didn't have anything to do with a 50# blue or anything.

    Several years ago I took out a guy from work fishing the upper potomac for channels. He had his trusty older Zebco 33 combo's that he has always used. we are sitting there BSing and his one rod goes down hard. He couldn't get the drag to stop, so I'm pulling the anchor up and in hot pursuit with the trolling motor. We didn't know if he had a big carp or a turtle or a big channel on. But it had that Get-out-of-dodge-attitude.

    We finally get caught up to it 5 minutes later to where it was under the boat in about 25' of water. Whatever it was decided to do a right turn and took him under the boat to the point that he had his arms over the sides trying to give it line and not loose it without getting the line cut on the bottom of the boat. All the sudden there is a crack sound. the rod snaps in 2 right about where you put the rod together.

    So now he is fighting the fish with 1 guide and 3 foot of rod, with the broken top part just hanging there. he's been into this about 10 minutes at this point and the fish is still going strong peeling drag again. before I could get back to the trolling motor to get the boat turned around so he isn't fighting it from under the boat, the rod snaps again right at the handle. Now it's only a 1' section and reel to play the fish.

    I hurry up and grab the broken sections of the rod and try to help fight the fish. This is where it gets comical. Pure laurel & Hardy stuff. Having 2 people trying to fight a fish in a coordinated manner. We had to look goofy as hell. 25 minutes into this fight and we finally get a big channel up to the boat. I let the middle section go and hold the top broken part and try to net, while he is dealing with the reel and handle. After netting it turned out to be a nice 16# channel.

    2 exhausted guys laughing there arse's off, 1 tired channel, a now 3piece rod, and 35 minutes later. We had one of those moments we still talk and laugh about to this day. That day will probably be with us for a long time to come.