post your carp bait recipe!

Discussion in 'Carp Fishing' started by gamaCatsu, Jan 27, 2010.

  1. CargoJon

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    I mix canned corn (with the juice/water), strawberry jello, panko bread crumbs, and oatmeal.
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  2. hillman

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    Bring two cups of water to a boil, put two Tablespoons of Black Strap Molasses in it, little Yellow Corn Meal, let it cook, turn off heat and mix Yellow Corn Meal in until very stiff.

    Use #4 Treble Hook, no Weight. Chum with some of the Bait.


  3. BajaManitoba

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    North Dakota
    For catching carp in a river, I put a few kernels of canned sweet corn on a hook (any ole hook, Eagle Claw, I guess), and put the hook in a little cup (one ounce or 30 mL). Then, I puree' some sweet corn with a little of its juice, and pour a teaspoon or two into the cup. Then, I freeze the cup. I take about six of these with me in a cooler to the river. I remove the cup, and cast the "carpcicle" into the river, with enough weight to take it to the bottom. The puree'd sweet corn melts, and the aroma goes downstream. The carp follow it, to my hook. I always catch a few carp, and maybe a channel cat, too. I do the same to catch channel cats, except that it is a piece of beef liver on the hook, and puree'd chicken liver frozen around it.
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  4. Damrod

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    I use canned sweetcorn for my hook bait most of the time.

    I do sometimes make up feed corn and use that for chum. Boiled rice is a good chum for carp. it draws them into an area and they get preoccupied with picking the little grains of rice up they seem to lose some of their cautiousness. Sometimes I add the juice from the canned sweet corn to a container of boiled rice and let it soak overnight...that seems to work pretty good.

    I have tried the commercial boilies and I have made home made boilies and I am not overly impressed with their effectiveness. They do ok, but still not impressed. I think I have caught more carp on wadded up peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

    I used to make a dough bait with just plain old vanilla extract added to it that worked fairly decent but it washes off the hook in current pretty quick.