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    Whisker Maniac's post got me thinking...... why don't we all post our best deer hunting tip/tips for everybody? I wish someone would've done this for me, because I had to learn everything myself. I didn't have anybody in the family to show me the ropes. There's more than likely lots of people who will be reading through this deer hunting section, who don't know a whole lot about deer hunting. Some of us do. Just like we would help out in the catfishing section of this site, I think the brothers oughta help a newbie hunter out too. Anyway, I'll go first.

    1. Learn how to shoot your gun well. Practice from several different positions, so that you will be good at shooting from other positions if the need arises. Do not jerk the trigger. Squeeze slowly and never punch the trigger, just let it be a surprise when it goes off. Have a buddy help you when you're practicing, and have him load your bullets for you, behind your back, one at a time. Then, have him hand you an unloaded rifle occasionally, just to make sure you aren't flinching or punching your trigger. It'll break you of the habit.

    2. Don't go into the woods with a gun you're unfamiliar with, or a gun that isn't sighted in properly. Too many guys take for granted, that the gun that shoots their 150 gr. bullets will shoot a 180 gr. bullet just a fuzz lower..... yeah right. Take the time to shoot your gun and know where it's hitting. Besides, shooting is fun.

    3. Buy a good pair of binoculars and use them. NEVER use a scope on a rifle for a substitute for binoculars. If you're pointing a loaded weapon around, then you just ain't using your head. Don't do it.

    4. Hunt where the deer are. I know it sounds stupid, but too many people waste WAY too much time in unproductive areas. Don't hunt over old sign either. Continue to scout all season long, and you will be much more successful.

    5,6,7,8..... Okay, this will be long. Deer bed down during the day in a thick area, and it's been my experience that they will bed down in an area that can't be seen from a road. They will try to use any available cover to go to a food source in the evenings, feed at the food source most of the night, and then return to their bedding areas in the morning. During "the rut" the bucks will travel from bedding area to bedding area during the day, looking for receptive does, and check food souces in the evening for them as well. Just by looking at a good topographical map, you can normally figure out a good spot to put a stand. You want to intercept them going to or from a bedding area, or to/from a food source. During the rut, you want to hunt between bedding areas during the day, or the downwind side of a food source if possible. All of us know someone who killed a deer over a scrape, or a rubline, or whatever.... but year after year, deer will use the lay of the land to their advantage. When you learn how they travel in your area, you'll start killing a lot more deer.

    Oh yeah, treestands!!! Learn how and where to properly put a stand. It will take a new hunter a while to learn where to properly put a stand, so invite someone who knows what the heck they're doing to help you & TEACH you. Believe me, it'll start to make sense before too long. Always use more than just one stand. Set up several stands, that can be hunted when the wind is from different directions. Don't hunt a good stand if the wind is wrong. You will educate a good buck the first time you do it, and it'll be the only heartbreaking time you ever get to see him from that stand. Don't ask me how I know. Remember, deer will pattern you just as easily as you pattern them, so change things up. Don't always park in the same place and walk the exact same route to a stand. Don't always hunt one stand in the mornings only.... change things up on them. How you get in and out of a stand location is just as important as where you hang a stand. If you can't get in and out undetected, then try to find another spot to hang your stand.

    Okay, I'll let everyone else chime in now. I know there's ten zillion things I'm leaving out, but that's alright. I'm sure someone will help fill in where I left off.
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    -- know and see your full target before you shoot!!!!
    -- hunt with someone or let someone know were you are hunting.
    -- have fun and dress right ( dont make yourself misarable)
    -- know your wepon (rifle, bow, muzzle loader, or shotgun, ecc.) they all
    shoot different and even scopes get banged around in the truck or in the
    gun safe putting them in and out.
    -- dont over call ( better not to use calls than to over call)
    -- try and keep your sent down.
    -- you dont have to set as still as a board BUT dont make sudden/fast
    movement. move slow ( ground blinds allows you to move around more)
    if you are in a ground blind and find your movement to be loud use a
    turkey call every now and then (turkey are loud and a common noise to
    MOST OF THAT IS COMMON SENCE but if you didnt know I hope it helps clear a question someone might of had.

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    In my neck of the woods play the waiting game can't kill em from the couch !:wink:
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    Scent control is the biggest key.

    If ya run out of scent killer or your bottle got busted or damaged and you cant' use it get ya some pine needles and rub them all over your clothes. If no pine is available use dirt. That's right I said use dirt. The ground with grasses or moss etc in it will do well to cover your scent just about as good as pine.

    You can also bust open some acorns and take the nut out crush it and rub that all over your clothes.
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    Jerrod, I have something to add to your #4 point. Maybe just a modification to your point, but I think you'll agree. You can't hunt the deer where they are, you have to hunt them where they will be. If you try to hunt them where they are you will spook them out of there. You have to put in the time and do your scouting early to find out where they bed, and where they go when they get up to move. Then you gotta set up somewhere in between and ambush them.
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    if your hunting lease land or private land find the thickest part of the place and plant a 1/2 acre,well maintained,food plot.white clover and chickery are good food sources for deer.if your land is massive dont hunt your food plot the deer will get use to being safe there and will use this as a resting and feeding area.this keeps them close.find a good travel route and put out a timed feeder and use it year round this gives your deer added proteins and fats that help them maintain maximun will be surprized at how big your deers horns will grow as a 2 year old.if it leagle in your stare hunt over your feed site just dont kill all your deer in one year.
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    Deer do not travel any more than they have to. They normally take the
    straightest path if possible. I look for funnels because of natural or manmade
    obstacles where they come thru a narrow strip of land. If I hunt a spot like
    a thicket and see a lot does I will back off that spot and not hunt it anymore
    until the rut. If you know you got made in a stand go ahead and move it if
    you don't you will ruin that spot for years. Sometimes you just have to move
    a made stand 20 yds. Do not get hung up on tracks, most of the tracks are
    made at night. Deer like to travel the edges, where hardwoods and planted
    pines meet, where woods and overgrown fields meet, ect. Sometimes you
    have to set up almost out of rifle range to see deer activity. Once you find
    deer then you can move to a better ambush point. If I am on to a good
    buck I will not force it. I might see him several times before I get my shot.
    I will not take a bad shot. I had rather not get him than to take a bad shot
    and wound him and be unable to find him. Hunting is a blood sport, but you
    should be responsible to have your broadheads sharp and your rifle sighted in properly and to be proficient with your weapon of choice you
    owe the game you hunt that.
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    Walter Flack
    That buck of a lifetime will show his face right as you're in the middle of taking a crap in the woods. Have your bow or firearm ready. lol
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    I agree with the above posts!!!! You have to put in some time scouting. One of the most important things I have found is to stay downwind of the deer. If they smell is over before it ever got started. Also scent control is very important. As well as sitting still....deer will see just the slightest movements and bust you. I dont do too much bow hunting anymore, but when I do, I like to hunt a travel route to and from bedding and feeding areas from a tree-stand. When I rifle hunt, I prefer to be on the ground on a ridge with a big tree to my back and hunt where I see all the deer. Everyone will have to find what works best for them and just get out and hunt!!!! Good Luck!!!!!:big_smile: