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    Lake is rising and a TS coming with fresh rain and water in lake wind is going to whip up lake some (not lot we hope):roll_eyes:
    Would some of you old timers (or young'ins) speculate on where and how to fish when the storm is gone.
    How would you find the fish.
    What do you think fish will do.
    How would you fish. Drifting/anchor/bait. Business as usual or new plan.
    Thanks folks. Stay safe
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    Travelers Rest,
    Mr. Willis, as I write this, Hurricane Hanna is 160mi SSE of Charleston SC and 240mi due S of Wilmington NC. If she continues to do like she has been the past couple of days, then the areas from Charleston, up through Myrtle Beach, and on to Wilmington will get hit hard. Now, I live in Greenwood, which is about 275mi NW of Charleston. We got some of the rain and wind from Gustav, but not enough to raise the water levels enough in Lake Greenwood. Before Gustav, the lake was 4ft below full pond. Post-Gustav, it was 3ft 9in below pond. Only a three inch difference.

    Now, to answer your question, I hope we get a lot of rain. I'd like to see enough to pull the lake back up to full pond again, but that would result in flooding in other areas. The fish should be moving after the storm, with the "new", cooler water introduced by the storm. I, personally, could go either way....I'd drift a little and anchor a little. As for finding the fish, that could be iffy because, like I said, they'd be moving, but I wouldn't fish deeper water for them. They'd be following the baitfish.

    I hope this helps. I just based all this on what I've experienced since I've lived here. I wonder what the rest of the Brotherhood has to offer on this subject.....:big_smile: Y'all take care. Hope to hear from you all soon. I'm off to Greenville now. I'll be back in a few hours.

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    kings mtn
    go shallow john in the area the wind is blowing the longest an drift you can cover more area if you find a good place then anchor but i hardly ever do i think the more water you cover the better good luck the roundhill
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    Lake Green
    I'll give a Big " AMEN " on that.:wink: Brother Roundhill knows his stuff.:wink:
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    I just looked at the buoy data off the SC coast and waves are 20.7 feet....THATS BAD!
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    One of the best days I have ever had fishing was on Moultrie after a tropical storm came thru in 2006. The wind blew all day to one side and about an hour before dark it quit. We went out and the bite was on! The bait fish had been blown to that bank and cats where there feeding heavy. Hope this helps!

    BTW we were anchored in shallow water with a drop off near by.